How To Copy an One Folder to Another Folder In Ubuntu

Ubuntu is basically an open-source software platform that runs everywhere using a wireless device. That includes smartphone and tablet and the personal computer (PC) to the servers and clouds. Ubuntu Desktop comes with everything you need to run your computers such as office, web browser and some other third-party programs.

However, there are some functions that can’t be understandable such as moving the entire folder from one place to another place. The ability to copy a folder in Ubuntu is not better but there are some command lines by using which you can transfer contents of one folder to another.

How To Copy One Folder To Another Folder (Ubuntu)

In this task you’ve to use Terminal on OS X computer machine. Launched terminal using a dock or from system preference.

There are several command lines from which you can easily migrate entire folder to another folder through copying folders.

Guides : 

You can copy the content of a folder “/source” to another existing folder “/dest” with the command line.


/ Source :    The web address of the folder you want to copy
/Dest :         The web address of the folder were the  folder is copied.


 Command Line :   ( 1 )

cp -a /source/. /dest/

The (-a) option is an improved recursive options and (.) at the end is the path is a specific sync process for all folders.


The alternative rsync if above command line doesn’t work for you.

rsync -r source/* destination