How to Connect Airport Extreme with iPad


Let assume that you’ve brought more than two AirPort Extreme into your home to boost your home network range. But you’ve to set up all of them one by one to increase the range of networks in your home.

Well if you want to connect your iPad with all AirPort Extreme installed on your home or office you’ve to connect them one by one with iPad. I am trying to say connect one AirPort Extreme with an iPad at a time.

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Connecting Airport Extreme With iPad

” Factory reset the AirPort Extreme. ( hold in reset and keep holding while powering on ) and still keep holding in reset for about 10sec until front LED flashes rapidly.”

Now follow the steps to connect iPad with AirPort Extreme

Step 1 : 

After factory reset AirPort Extreme will not appear immediately in the Airport Utility ( like it does in Mac ). So you’ve to reset the AirPort Extreme.

Go to Settings > WiFi and tap on AE ( shown in the given screenshot )

Step 2 : 

The AirPort Utility box will start without resting of the AU. It will discover the what the AirPort Setup. you can easily edit it later.

Step 3 : 

Change the name of the device (make it short). If you have more than 2 AirPort Extreme to connect with iPad.  Now tap on next and then tap on Done.


Step 4 : 

Open AirPort Utility. Tap on the icon of AE (shown in the screenshot)

Step 5 : 

Tap on the Edit here you see tab just Mac version and you can easily adjust the settings here. Now  Tap on Advanced unfortunately the name here is DHCP and NAT.. which is an option.. instead of calling it network mode… but tap it.


Step 6 : 

The Bridge option already set up as a wizard.

Once’s you connect one iPad with AirPort Extreme with the help of the above steps by steps guides. You can easily connect another AirPort Extreme with your iPad to boost your home network.