How to Change Default Font Size in Opera Mini Browser


Well, Font Size was one of the most important things on some selected programs such as Microsoft Word. But you can easily change the font size on it. Web Browser also mostly used application and if you weak eye vision then, in this case, you have to change font size at the perfect eye vision.

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You can easily change the font size of any web browser you’re using to access the internet. In this article, I will demonstrate to you how you can change the default font size of the Opera Mini browser.

Changing Font Size In Opera Mini Browser -Windows

Opera Mini Beta one of the most popular web browsers and mainly it was rocking on android devices but you can also use it on Windows.

So if you’ve used Opera Mini in windows then you can easily make some changes according to your surrounding that feel you better. Such as changing the Font Size, Setup Opera Mini to default browser and change search engine default to something else.

Now focus on changing the default font size on the opera mini browser.

Step 1 

Launch Opera Mini on your Computer

Step 2 : 

Click on the Gear icon and a list appears from the list select Settings 

Step 3 : 

Go to Website panel

Step 4 : 

In Website, panel go to Display > Font Size ( Change Font Medium to Large )

Changing Font Size In Opera Mini – Android

Opera Mini well know web browser for android device users. You’ve probably use opera mini on your smartphone to access web pages or Google search engine.

Some Opera Mini beta versions have small font sizes that make create problems for users to read the articles or web pages they access.

To changing font size in open min beta on android

Step 1 : 

Open Opera Mini

Step 2 : 

Tap on Options and then tap on Settings 

Step 3 : 

Now tap on ‘Browser Options’.

Step 4 : 

Select the ‘Text Size Option’ and change the text size that fit your eyes vision

Now save the changes and restart the opera mini browser