How To Close Wells Fargo Account

How To Close Wells Fargo Account? Yes, you read it right in this article we going to show how you can close your Wells Fargo Account in few simple steps. Moreover, this article contains some of the important information regarding Wells Fargo along with some of the FAQ questions.

What is Wells Fargo?

Well in simple words, Wells Fargo is an American-based multinational financial company. It’s is the world’s 2nd largest bank according to capitalization and the 4th largest bank in the U.S. In other words, the company provides finance to the business owners and much more. As much I know you know a lot more about Wells Fargo because you came here to terminate Wells Fargo Account for good.

How To Close Wells Fargo Account | Step By Step Guide 

Wells Fargo allows its customers to cancel their accounts from Wells Fargo official website. Or else close an account with the help of a customer representative. The most recommended way to close the account is mainly by calling at Wells Fargo customer service phone number.

Things To Consider Before You Close Your Wells Fargo Account
To cancel Wells Fargo Account there some points that you must consider before you close your account.

  • Accounts with a zero balance will continue to be charged applicable fees (like the monthly service fee).
  • Customers must submit an official request (by phone, online, or in-person) to close the account
  • A zero balance will not automatically close an account.
  • Any other relevant point about Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Phone Number – To Close Account

If you want or need to close your Wells Fargo account with no balance or with a balance. You’ll have to make a call to Wells Fargo Customer Service Phone Number (1-800-869-3557).

When you contact over the phone with a representative humbly ask to close your account. They may require some of your necessary account details. When the representative closed your account you get an automatic email from Wells Fargo as a confirmation that your account has been closed.

Wells Fargo Official Website – To Close Account 

You can also close your account from Wells Fargo site. There are some simple steps to follow for closing an account on Well Fargo.

Step 1: 

Go to the Wells Fargo website and login into your account.

step 2:

Navigate through Security & Support > Contact Us.

Step 3:

Send an Email to the company with a complete explanation of why you want to close your account.

You can also close your Wells Fargo account by reaching to Wells Fargo near me branch for closing your account if you think offline is the best method to close Wells Fargo account.

What Time Does Wells Fargo Open

Basically, the Wells Fargo will open at 6:00 AM and closed at 12:00 PM. So you’ve to contact Wells Fargo Customer Service between this time to ask for closing your account. However, the best time to contact Wells Fargo Customer Care is 12:00 AM to 2:00 PM. For more information regarding close Well Fargo account visit its official website.