How to Close Gmail Account – Step by Step

Wondering, How to Close Gmail Account? If you are not finding your Gmail account necessary for some of the reasons or of any purpose, then you can easily delete your account. You can either permanently delete it or can delete its data. If you close your entire account, then the various forms of messages, contents and accessing of apps will also be lost along with them.

If you don’t want to lose your whole information, then you can only directly go with your deleting of your only Gmail account. It will include various forms of steps which are needed to be followed by you for such purpose. Here the steps based on How to Close Gmail Account.

How to Close Gmail Account

Here are the steps are given that you need to follow to close your Gmail account.

There is the method to delete the Gmail account check below given the simplest method for deleting your Gmail account without having a hassle.

Step 1:

For deleting the account of your google, you need to go to your browser web for it. There you have to check whether you have signed in or not. By deleting of Gmail address will doesn’t mean that you are deleting your full account of google. It can also be activated again by you at any time needed.

Step 2:

Sign in to your account by adding your address and password. After that select the next button shown there. If there is not visible about the option then sign in to the other one. Now select the managing personal and data selection which is shown at the leftward side of the given page.

Step 3:

Now go to the downwards side and select the service deleting of the account option. It is shown in the download option of the given page. Now choose the service deleting option as it is the box appearing on the upward side of the given screen. Now enter the Gmail password again before the deleting of the service of your Gmail.

Step 4:

Now select the icon of given trash in your Gmail. After that select the download option for backing up the email at the time of deleting your service. You can then add another address to your account. It will be the address that will drive your account to be verified by them. You can easily access it by yourself at any time.

Step 5:

Now select the verification option and it will send the required information through email and it will come as a message option there for the confirmation of your email. After that open your account which was an alternative one. For that, a confirmation will be needed in the deleting of your account.

Step 6:

Open the email verification from google. After that select the link given there for the address. It will give a form of the web browser screen. Now you can also go to the backup option and select the download option for the method of delivery.

Step 7:

Now select the deleting of your account option by which a tab will open showing the confirm of the account deleting. Go to the downward side of your screen and check the pending form which is left by you at the moment. After that, it will confirm the permanent deleting of your account.