How to Change Your Name on PS4

How to change your name on PS4? While working on PS4, if you are thinking of changing the name on PS4, and are searching for steps and methods, then you are in the right place. Sony has provided permission to change the ID of your PS4. PS4 stands for PlayStation Network.

It is the feature that allows the users to connect and play around the world. The name which shows in your PS4 is the one that is visible to other people online. You can change your name either online or by using chrome. PS4, Which is one of the excellent gaming devices for pro gamers. Meanwhile, also check out some of the best upcoming games for Playstation 5 (PS5).

An eighth-generation video game that is manufactured by Sony. The various features of PS4 include the dominant technology, which gives a fierce competition to other gaming devices. It is well developed and featured for home gaming purposes that can be easily connected by the user.

How to Change Your Name on PS4

Here are the steps that explain to you how to change your name in this PS4:-

Change Name With the Help of the PS4 Game Device

Step 1

Firstly, click on the PS button shown on your device. It opens the main screen on your gaming TV.

Step 2

Now move to the leftward or rightward side. It shows the option of a profile on the screen.

Step 3

After that, click on the X option to open the profile menu there.

Step 4

Go to the rightward side. It shows three lines of option there. They give at the right of the profile menu on your screen.

Step 5

Now click on the X option, then again click the same button and then go to the edit profile option.

Step 6

Move to the downwards side, and then there occurs the option of X. Click on it.

Step 7

Now click on the accept option and then tap on the X button. It opens an information page for you.

Step 8

Click on the continue option and then tap the X button.

Step 9

You have to enter the password in the given space there. After adding, select the done option given there.

Step 10

Now select the X option to go to the new ID selection. Note that the username which you make must be unique.

Step 11

After adding the ID, click on the confirm option. It opens you the change ID page.

Step 12

Now select how you want to display your name. You can select both the names for few days by which it is more comfortable to let your friends get you quickly.

Step 13

Go to the confirm option and then click on the X button. You see that the name is now changed.

Additional Tip:

Similarly, you can change by your PC also. For that, you have to log in with your ID and then go to your profile settings and then can edit your name. After which you can accept that and continue. You then find that your name is changed and you can then use your PS4.