How to Change Steam Username – Step by Step

How to Change Steam Username? It is the service provided to the users to get the digital form of video game preview. The valve provides the distribution of steam. The stream has been Launch in the year 2003 in September. Provide various updates of games along with the publishing of it.

They have made the best form of steaming their videos through the web-based and digital designing of it. If you get the Steamworks in it, then it is a type of application that is available in a free form of software which used to integrate the functions of various types of contents in the required workshop.

Meanwhile, you can also go through a step by step instructions based on how to request stream game refund within 24 hours without hassle.

How to Change Steam Username

For such purpose, you have to get the platform that is best for the gaming and operating system for it.

Changing of Username

In the feature of this gaming feature of steam, it is not possible to change the username in it as it has only the one username which you featured it during the installation. Therefore, it is unable to change the username in the steam. It includes the one username and password which settle before.

Here are some of the other information about the steam which is necessary to know about it.

How To Enable Steam on PC

Step 1

Firstly, open the steam gaming from your start button.

Step 2

Now select the steam option in the menu which gives at the upward side of the screen.

Step 3

After that, click the settings option from the given list.

Step 4

Select the game option from the left side in the settings option. You find here that the counter selection list appears showing the power buttons.

Step 5

Get the power to the on the side, and the specified button opens the counter of in-game.

Step 6

Now tap the OK button given there.

Step 7

After that, you can quickly start the game and can get access to it as per your requirement.


As steam is a perfect gaming option that is used mostly by the children. Therefore, you need to take complete care of your children that they may use it in a limited time and may not get used to it. Such things must use for a fun purpose but not all time. As it is harmful both mentally and physically to always be with this