How to Change Primary Address on Paypal

Looking for the step by step guide based on how to change primary address on PayPal Account.

What is PayPal and How its Work?

Paypal is an online transaction app that supports national and international transactions. The nature of the app to support both kinds of transactions has given it a lot more flexibility and versatility. Any person working on the verge of intercountry employment by which it means that a person sitting out of a country is employing or getting employed to or by a person/cooperation respectively sitting into another country usually use PayPal nowadays.

Now, of course, bank transfers are a whole lot different concept from apps like these, but these banks use your bank account too for the transactions. In any case, you would find a person eventually using PayPal or pp (abbreviated form) for inter-country transactions.

When its financially related, every app asks for your billing address, which has to be permanent for obvious security reasons. Now, in any case, if your permanent address changes and being responsible for the app, you have to change your billing address on the app. You always have an option to do it, but it is slightly different than just editing and saving.

How to Change Primary Address on Paypal

To change your primary address, first and foremost what you have to do is follow these given steps to change the email address on the PayPal account.

Step 1:

Log in to your PayPal account using

Step 2:

The website page opens where you have to click on the settings symbol on the topmost bar left to the logout option.

Step 3:

The settings page opens where you gotta go to the ‘profile’ option and click on it.

Step 4:

The profile using which PayPal operated appear there.
It is where you also see the address saved on your PayPal account.

Step 5:

You’ll finally find addresses here. This one is your primary address associated with your account.

Step 6:

To change this address of yours from your PayPal account,

You gotta click on ‘primary, billing address’ appearing just below the Pincode in your address. (Not on edit, which appears just below it).

Step 7:

Click on ‘primary billing address,’ and a whole new form filling sort of tab appears.

Step 8:

The form filling asks is headed as ‘edit address’ where you gotta type the new address that you want to keep in place of the address which saved before. You have to add the complete address, which is the city and area, place, state, Pincode.

Step 9:

After adding your Pincode and then just for a glance, go through the address and everything and check if everything is according to what you want to replace with the older one.

Step 10:

Once you’re sure about it, click on ‘change address’ appearing on the bottom of the page to update your primary status in PayPal.

Wrapping Up!

Using this simple process, you can change your primary billing address and update it to let your transactions be in a smooth way and not render your self into any issue.

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