How To Change Information In MS Outlook Status Bar

We all know, that the role of the status bar in any Microsoft Office application is how much important and crucial. It gives you information about the file you’re working on. If you want to get started with MS Outlook that will get you a place where you can work efficiently with emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, etc. together in one place and you are looking for a solution that how you can change the information or customize the status bar, then you are in the right place.

Change Information In Microsoft Outlook Status Bar

In this article, we will be telling you how to change the status bar information in the MS outlook step by step. You must follow the steps until the end.

Step 1:

First of all, open the MS Outlook application and take the pointer to the status bar which is just below the navigation bar (you can see inbox item information on the left & connectivity information, page viewing options, zoom slider on the right).

Step 2:

Right-click anywhere on the status bar.

Step 3:

On right-clicking, you will find an informatory section popping up. From there you can change the information on the status bar based on your requirement. You will find a list of options like Quota Information, Filter, Items in View, Header Items in View, Unread Items in View, Reminders, View Shortcuts, Zoom & Zoom Slider. From these options, you can easily customize the status bar.

Step 4:

After customization, click anywhere to close the informatory menu list and save the changes.

You can also make the status bar invisible if you want. Just left-click on ‘view’ from the menu bar and then remove the tick mark added in front of the status bar. After that, the status bar will be invisible to the user.

Additional Tip

Quota Information shows how much space is left in the user’s mailbox before the server-side quota is reached. The Filter option alludes if a filter has been applied to the current view or not. Items in View reflects the total number of items remaining in the folder. It also indicates the number of items that have yet to be opened, items marked as unread, and items not exposed to the reading pane for enough seconds to be considered read.

The function of the Zoom slider is to magnify any content within the message body in the reading pane. The slider enlarges the content, text, and images anywhere from 10 percent to 500 percent of their original size. Use your scroll wheel on your mouse. Using that you can use it to activate the zoom function. For messages with an adorned image that is too small in size, using the zoom slider function you don’t have to save the image and open it from an image editing application to magnify it.