How to Change Hotmail Password – Step by Step

How to Change Hotmail Password? There can be a situation where you may forget your Hotmail password. You must be searching for the procedures for it here and there and can also get irritated and confused with such issues.

If you are stuck with such things, then you need not worry about it. You can quickly get the steps here which you can follow and can access the required page to change your password. You can get access to it on the Microsoft page where you can change your password there.

A proper form of method and full measured for changing it needs to follow to get access to it.

How To Change Hotmail Password

Here are the given steps with procedures which you have to follow to change the password in your Hotmail ID:-

Step 1

Firstly, go to the website ( or ) of the changing of password in your chrome or browser. Now on the given page, on the bar of the chrome, click on the return option. You have to perform such a procedure after logging in to your Hotmail account by entering your username and password in the required area. They may ask the code which secures this page. After entering such, you have to click on the sending option of code which will be sent to your phone number.

Step 2

After such, add the current password in the given area at the upward side of the screen.

Step 3

Now enter the new password and wait for its confirmation. You can also change your password regularly by checking the option which shows that it makes me change the password every 72 days.

Step 4

After that, select the next option, and then you find that the password changed in your device. Now you can check it by logging again to your ID of Hotmail.

Security Tips:

• While performing to such tasks of changing passwords, you must also see that no other person gets the knowledge of it. Your password must be a hard one to remember only by you.

• Get it safe and secure from the reach of your children who can disturb the whole ID of your Hotmail. You have to log out of the ID when you complete your work in Hotmail.

• You may also check the browser in your device that whether you may have forgotten to log out for the purpose that no other can see it. You may keep every ID safe with you so that it may also not get hacked by anyone.