How To Buy V Bucks In Fortnite – Ultimate Guide

If you’re searching proper guide on how to buy v bucks? Fortnite V-Bucks are refer to as the Battle Royale in-game currency. The players can use those to purchase Battle Passes, emotes, cosmetics, gliders, and other things in the game called Fortnite. These V-Bucks can be purchase with real money.

You can use those V-Bucks to purchase new customization items also. Various outfits, Gliders, Pickaxes, Emotes, and even the latest season’s Battle Pass. In the Save the World mode, you can use V-Bucks to get the X-Ray Llama, which contains weapon and trap schematics.

We want to tell you that you can only use these v bucks in the save the world mode only. V-Bucks are gettable in packs of different amounts. You will also receive bonus V-Bucks when you go for buying loads of 2,500 V-Bucks or more significant than that.

How To Buy V Bucks

When you make a purchase of V-Bucks on one platform, it may not be redeemable on the other ones. In this article, we’re going to discuss how one can buy these V-bucks using real money.

V-Bucks buying (in-game) using the credit card/PayPal:

Step 1

First, open the game, go to the lobby, and then to the store. Now select one pack of V-bucks. If you click on the package, you will get the estimated price. You have to choose a payment method then. You will be getting two options, like a credit card and PayPal.

Step 2:

Now put the details of your credit card and proceed further to make a purchase. You can also open the PayPal and take yourself to your account. There you will get a debit card option. But you cannot purchase the V-bucks officially with your debit card.

There are some unofficial sites from where you can buy V-bucks with your debit card. V-Bucks buying (outside the game):

Step 3:

You can easily buy V-bucks from the Play station store or the Microsoft Store. Or else you will get the same deals with the V-buck packs. You can make a purchase from there using your debit card or net banking.