How to Alphabetize in Word

How to Alphabetize in Word? There’s a lot to say that you can only do it in excel, but you can also do it Microsoft word. Now you’ve got an open MS word, any version it maybe you’ll be able to do it. For getting to the process, I suggest you create a list for yourself so that it’s easy for you to understand what it is. Also, read how to make the flyer on word without hassle.

How to Alphabetize in Word – Step by Step Guide

You gotta select the data you want to sort and then on the main home tab you’ll see an option that says A-Z with a down arrow; this is the sort control, or you can also search for it by typing in there ‘sort’, and that’s another way you can get it on there.

Step 1:

Now you have got a click on the sort, and then it gives you few different options where you could sort based on paragraphs, or based on headings of fields.

Step 2:

Now every line counts here as a paragraph. Even if it is a list of stuff, all of it being indifferent lines counts as a whole different paragraph and hence be certified that way.

Step 3:

You also get the option to sort by numbers or text or also dates and then you can also choose in case if you want to do it in ascending or descending.

Step 4:

So you choose either one, and then A comes first and Z the last or A the last and Z the first for the individual cases.
Now suppose you chose to ascend that is A-Z; now one more option you find there is, if you select the header row or not you have to instruct it about it. And then you have a click on okay, and you have your list all sorted in ascending order.

Step 5:

Now suppose you have a list of numbers you want to sort. Now, you have got a search in the search menu and click on sort.

Step 6:

Now again you gotta select if you’ve got to do it by paragraphs as per the criteria discussed, nowhere you have numbers where you want to go from the most significant number to the smallest number or from the smallest to the largest according to you.

Step 7:

Now for most considerable to smallest, you’ve got to select descending, again selecting for the header row, and then you have a click on okay. And here you are, you have to see your numbers arranged in descending order that is from the largest to the smallest.

Step 8:

Now, this is a great way to arrange your text and dates. Now let’s say that you have a list of numbers where you want to arrange them from the smallest to the most significant number.

Step 9:

For this, all you have to do is, search for sort. Click on it, fill up the details say you want to arrange the numbers in ascending order that is from the smallest number to the most significant number. Choose about the header row and then select the list of numbers and click on okay.

Step 10:

And the next what you see is all the numbers will arrange in ascending that is the smallest number on the top and the largest on the bottom.

Wrapping Up!

It is an effortless way to arrange your lists, dates and numbers in the particular arrangement order you want.
It makes your task 100 times more relaxed and saves a lot of your time as it is just like a one-click process. In case if you cannot able to open any word document on your computer system. then go through this step by step process to remove read-only from word to open the word files on your PC.

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