How to Alphabetize in Google Docs – Step by Step

Google docs is a wonderful word processing program with lots of amazing features nevertheless the one thing it doesn’t have by default is the ability to sort. Like for example if you have a list of items that are not alphabetize or in other words are not sorted in alphabetical order. There’s not even a way to do it by default. Now for lists or for tables, there’s eventually nothing that’s built-in it that will automatically let you sort your lists or tables.

How to Alphabetize In Google Docs

Now if the content is less we may do it by copying the content to google sheets. Sort them and place them back in docs. It works but not when the data or the content is in bulk. Now to do it in google docs, what you are going to do is you will have to add it on, by downloading it from the add ons.

Step 1:

All you gotta do is, click on ‘add-on’ on the top in the menu bar. A drop down will appear and then you gotta choose to get add-ons, which will get you to the add ons menu. There you can literally scroll through all the available add ons or you can just search it off in the search columns.

Step 2:

You just gotta type doc tools”, search for that and on the top you will find it. You gotta tap on the ‘+free’ on there to install it and you may also check through it by tapping on it or any way. Grant it the permission and it should be done.

Step 3:

Now add ons are a one-time installation. You install it for once and then they are now a part of your account. Anytime you go into google docs you’re gonna have it available.

Step 4:

Now to double-check after the installation goes to the menu bar and click on add-ons and the first thing you’re gonna see there is ‘doc tools’.

Not has a whole lot of things in itself, firstly for sorting let’s have a list of content you gotta alphabetize, all you gotta do is highlight the entire list that you want to sort. Go up to the add-ons menu, click there go down in the doc tools and you’ll see a lot of options. Including ‘sort the selection in ascending’ and ‘sort the selection in descending’.

Step 5:

Now you gotta have it alphabetically so tap on the first one to set them in ascending. As soon as you click on it, it will go on and sort it for you.

Step 6:

There you go, your content is sortified. Now in case of a table you just gotta tap on the table and then go the add-ons on the menu bar, click on doc tools and select ‘sort the selection in ascending’.

Step 7:

Now it shows you a whole menu where it gives you options for how you want to sort your tables, like column wise or something like that. Select the worthy and your table will be sortified that way.