How To Add Airpods To Find My iPhone

Thinking, how to add AirPods to Find My iPhone! In case if you easily forget the things where you placed.

What are AirPods?

AirPods are a legit trend in the youth and even adults. Apple has been everybody’s most favourite brand as well as a status symbol for everybody as for the price it comes for and then for the uniqueness it holds in every feature of its.
Air pods are earphones, those are like wireless earphones.

In the shape of plugs that come with your regular headset, and they come in a very Porsche case in which they are charged and kept safe. Now for the price it comes for, these are a very porshe status symbol as well as worth it too. But in case these are very delicate to handle.

Things To Know About Apple AirPods?

By which I mean the fact that these come in is a pocket-size case and then these plugs on their own are super small and if kept somewhere. You forgot where you kept them, its one of a task to search for them and if by chance you drop them somewhere then it is like almost impossible to find, and again for the price, it comes for you wouldn’t take a chance or even think of losing them as you made a quite massive investment.

Now for security or safety purpose, apple has its own find my iPhone or find my app through which you can trace your device’s location and get to it. For iPhones and pads, this feature has now come a long way but there was no such feature for your air pods.

Compatibility of AirPods

With the latest beta release of iOs 10.3, Apple has added a new function to find my iPhone giving you the option to see your air pods too so as you’re carefree and comfortable to use them as you will know that you can find them back if lost by chance.

Now, this feature works when your air pods connected to Bluetooth and your device to find them you can play a song in your device with which the AirPods connected and when the put the volume on full and then following the direction from where the sound is coming you can find your AirPods.

How To Find Lost AirPods?

Now this one is for the fact when you know you kept your air pods somewhere, and you’re not able to find them so you can definitely get onto this option and find your air pod plugs easily.

Coming to the fact when you dropped them somewhere and now you have no clue of where they are, in that case, apple’s new feature is for you which is find my app helping you find your air pods too.

The condition for this app to help you trace your air pod’s location is that they need to be added to the find my app and also to your iPhone or iPad that you’re using your air pods. It is because the AirPods do not have its GPS chip and essentially need to connect to your iPhone or iPad touch for location stuff.

How To Add AirPods To Find My iPhone

For adding them to the app. You will have to follow below-given steps.

Step 1:

First justified condition is that it is either connected to your iPhone or iPad with whichever you were using them.

Step 2:

Now you gotta go to the ‘find my iPhone’ app. Now it is assumed that your iPhone or iPad already added to the app.

Step 3:

When you open the app, you gotta go to options present in the upper corner, and a drop-down appears from where you’ll see and the possibility of devices in which you gotta search for ‘AirPods’. Now search because these connected to iPhone or iPad with the new feature automatically shown to you.

Step 4:

Once you found ‘AirPods’ in your device list, you can directly tap on them, and a map will open with the current location of your AirPods.

Wrapping Up!

So technically, to add your AirPods you gotta connect them to the device you’re using them with and register your equipment on the ‘find my iPhone’ app to know the location of either your iPhone, iPad or AirPods.

Moreover, if you find this article helpful to know how you can connect AirPods to Find My iPhone feature on your Apple device. If you’ve any issues regarding this article or the process won’t work for you. Feel free to ask us using the comment box we always ready to help you.

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