How Much Does YouTube Pay? [Explained]

Thinking, How Much Does YouTube Pay? What’s The Proper Way To Make Money With YouTube!

Youtube, which initially started as a dating site, has now become the biggest platform for videos. Videos go for informative videos and entertainment videos that include food, culture, music, and everything out there. You can learn, create, or enjoy stuff over here.

As it is that you can create it too, so the question arises, what is the point of creating content, that is what is the return you get. So it pays you a certain amount of money for the content you create depending upon its popularity.

How Much Does YouTube Pay?

Now the question arises that YouTube pays according to the number of subscribers or likes or views. Is it so that the one with more likes, subscribers, and views gets more money and vice versa.

What are the criteria of youtube for doing all the stuff?

Now the amount of money you earn depends upon the frequency of your videos uploaded. Now the approximation says that 20 videos can get you a lump sum of 2000 dollars in a month.
Even if you do not post stuff, but you have old videos on your page, you will get 800-900 dollars.

Now before moving further, you have to know a significant term in the youtube world, that is, CPM.

  • Cost per thousand impressions abbreviated as CPM, which has a take on the views.
  • Neither the number of subscribers or the number of likes of your video gets you money, it just enhances the creator and its content.
  • Coming back to CPM is calculated in a certain way. There is a software owned by Google known as ‘Google AdWords’ through which you put up adds on a youtube video.
  • Now putting up ads is a sort of marketing of that particular thing which advertised. May it be some course, some app, game, songs, or anything to take you there.

That particular thing that advertised is marketing itself on your channel for which you get money in return.

Does the question arise that what will be the amount of money?

It is where comes an auction part. The advertising companies try and bid for the highest amongst all of them.

  • Now the more the competition, the more is the amount bid for the video that appears first, out of which some share given to the YouTuber, and google keeps some of it.
    It is how Google’s business model is a frame.
  • ▪︎The more the competition, the more will be the charge, which again has some parameters.
  • The competition will be between those who have high profitability, for example, say, there’s a particular course, so it holds a lot of profitability as it is inviting people to join the class to get a very high bid.
  • Now to check how much CPM does your videos get, so for that, you must go to Google Adwords and check the keyword-based on the types of videos you make, and you have a search, and you’ll show how much CPM or CPC is going on in it.
  • Now google charges either to CPV, that is the cost per visitor, or the CPM only that is the cost per impression.
  • when you make high-quality content with a target audience that eventually means that you are specific on your content, then the ads to you will come for a similar type. Hence, they will pay more to you as to when you see the same thing and then see an ad similar or helpful to that particular thing. It’s derived that the profit margin will be higher as well.

Now suppose that you create videos which are more for entertainment, mainly comedy purpose, where every type of language used and stuff like that.

How Does YouTube Pay Money To YouTubers

So now, to a video like that, similar ads are not very quickly viable and available. So, in that case, ads quite different from the content are put in place, and hence the bid is not too high for them, and therefore it has quite less or low-profit margin in all.

  • Of course, this situation for quality content creators gets a win for sure as they find the ads quickly and then the profit margin.
  • The number of views might be more to comedy videos or entertainment videos in all, but the revenue differs from them and the specific quality content creators.

So if you want to earn more, than you should focus on the quality of your content rather than quantity.

  • Even if you have to spend a bit for the quality creation, you don’t have to mind it as where there’s the quality you would anyhow get the return. So it is highly suggested to develop the condition.
    And the better the quality, the more will be the people who would want to bid on your video.

What Other YouTuber Do To Make Money Making Video

Have a clear motive of adding value to the viewer’s knowledge or say life by your video instead of just making it for the sake of making a video.

Also, you should get your hands on trending topics like, for example, say the big billion-day sale is going on, and at the same time or just before it, you make a very qualitative, informative, and productive video about it.

Now it is that the arrival of the sale and the arrival of your video are pretty simultaneous, and hence you’ll get a lot of views to have a look at what the deal.

  • And for videos like these, you’ll get hell lot of bids with high amounts as it is evident that a video like so will get a lot of views and fantastic response not only this time but anytime whenever the sale comes. There is a very high chance of Flipkart itself, giving ads to your video, which is impressive on its own.

Now, if there’s a very recent happening and you create a quality video about it, then nobody can stop this particular video from getting bids as well as a hell lot of views and response.

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Top Money Making YouTube Channels

Tech channels are one of the highest earners on this youtube platform, and the reason is quite apparent now. These channels create quality, meaningful, and informative content. Bounty points are added to it by the ads, the ads that come to bid on it are all high-quality products and service apps, and hence it gets higher of the highest bids, and therefore technology is the most top earner on youtube for sure.

These channels show information about technology, says iPhone, Vivo, Oppo, etc. And Vivo, oppo and all of them place or circulate their ads like this only. The add placement for Vivo and oppo is already the most out of any other phone which is super evident nowadays to every single body, so for their ads to get the right place and not random ones, they bid to specific videos accordingly.

☆For example, if its an entertainment sort of video and even if they place their ad on it, they will not bid very high as the probability of a person getting attracted to their specific add is very less.

How To Grow YouTube Video Views To Make Money

Compared to them, placing an ad to an informative, mainly tech-related video, the chance of customer attraction will be way higher than the other one.

  • The target audience is a massive factor behind all this. You can have a specific video target or search terms or keywords to increase or inflate the impressions of your video despite the age group and categorization, specifically for YouTube. It takes a minimal amount of effort to search for the keywords and get your hands to them so that you can trigger a particular target.
  • Use hashtags, keywords, and stuff so that youtube algorithm takes into account your video and lets it reach people worldwide, searching for similar things.
  • Now it is such that as your viewer base increases, subscriber base increases. It is an indication that the impression and reach of your video have increased in specific possible ways.

What to Do To Increase YouTube Video Views

As that inflates, the youtube algorithm takes into notice that the base of your videos is increasing. By that, your CPM rate increases as well.

  • Initially, you have to start with the same quality of content you are going to make further. If the condition remains consistent, your impression on people will be created on that basis only. You never know who gets on to which video of yours and creates an individual perception of you in their mind; hence every video should have the same quality as you started.
  • Obviously, experience is a different thing. If something changes in your video due to that, it is a whole different thing, except for that try, n to create a similar and developing promotive quality content.
  • As all of it happens, your audience, of course, converts, and hence, the youtube algorithm will take into account, and therefore your CPM rate increases, and you can earn more.

Now that is all with all the parameters of youtube getting your way, how you can earn and increase you’re earning. It is in all a very convenient and immense form of making money by approaching your talent and taking it in front of the whole world.