How Long Is A Passport Good For? [Explained]

How long is a passport good for, it is among the top asked and frequently asked questions in the United States. Not only in the US but also in various countries of the world you will find people asking this question while they are applying for a passport or they are submitting an application for the renewal of the previously issued passport.

So here we are to tell you how many months is a passport good for when you are a United States Citizen. Here we are to tell you all about it. You can apply for a passport anytime, doesn’t matter you are an adult or not. If you are a minor in the US, then also you can apply for a passport.

That is why we are here to explain what duration you get or how long is a passport good for in the United States. We are here talking about the validity of the passport that the State Travel Department of the United States has issued us. 

Here is the Validity Period for the United State-Based Passport

As we have told you there are two types of passports in the United States. The first one is the minor passport which is for your kid, and the second one is the Adult passport which is for an adult. So the time duration or we can say the validity is different for both of the passports.

When we talk about the minor passport then the answer for how long is a passport good for a child is different. And when we talk about the adult passport then the answer to how long is a passport good for is different.

5 Years For Minor And 10 Years For Adult Passport

Now let’s make it clear to you that if you have a passport which is a minor passport and you applied for it when you were under the age of 16 then it has 5 years of validity and if you have an adult passport or a passport which you got at the age of 16 or above then you have a validity of 10 years for it. 

Emergency Passport Has 3 Days Validity

Other than the minor or adult passport, those have 5 years or 10 years validity respectively. We have another passport in the United States. This passport is called a 3-day passport or an Emergency Passport. Also, the National Passport Information Center calls it a Life And Death Emergency Passport.

This passport is issued if the applicant has an emergency of life, death, illness, injury in his/her family, friends, and relatives. This passport is given just for 3 days. In these three days or 72 hours. You can travel to any place outside of the United States. 

How to Apply For An Emergency Passport

If you want to apply for an emergency passport in the United States of America. Then you can get in touch with the National Passport information center of the United States or you can also contact the State Travel Department of the USA. When you are applying for an emergency passport in the United States of America you have to show all of the proofs and evidence to the National Passport information center of the United States.