How Does Snapchat Score Work? How to Increase It?

If you are active on Snapchat, you must have noticed a number next to your username. That’s your Snapchat score. You may be wondering, what the hell is this Snapchat score? In short, your Snapchat score is a number that increases as you use the app. The more you use Snapchat, the higher your score will be.

But what does this number actually mean? How is it calculated? Are there any benefits to having a high Snapchat score? And most importantly, how can you increase it?

In this article, we will answer all of your questions about the Snapchat score. We will also give you some tips on how to increase it.

What is the Snapchat Score?

As we mentioned before, your Snapchat score is a numerical value that represents the amount of snaps you have sent and received. It is also a reflection of how active you are on the app.

The Snapchat score is displayed next to your username on the app. It is also visible to anyone who adds you as a friend. If you set your Snapchat account to private, only people who you have added as friends will be able to see your score.

If you are wondering how your Snapchat score is calculated, the answer is quite simple. For every snap that you send, you earn one point. For every snap that you receive, you earn another point.

You also earn points for every snap that you open. So, if you are constantly sending and receiving snaps, your Snapchat score will go up quite quickly.

A Snapchat score is different from a “like” or a “view” on other social media platforms in that it is specific to Snapchat. It is a way for users to see how active you are on the app and is also a fun way to compare scores with your friends.

There are a few other factors that can affect your Snapchat score, but those are the basics.

Where can I find my Snapchat score?

If you’re curious about your own Snapchat score, there’s an easy way to find out. Just open up the app and tap on your profile icon in the top left corner. Under your name and Bitmoji, you’ll see a number next to a ghost icon. That’s your Snapchat score!

You can as well tap on the settings icon in the top right corner and scroll down to ‘Additional Services.’ From there, you can select ‘Manage’ next to your Snapchat score and see a breakdown of the number.

You can see how many snaps you’ve sent and received, what number of stories you’ve posted, and other fun facts about your snapping habits.

How to find your friends Snap scores?

If you want to compare your Snapchat score to a friend’s, it’s also quite easy to do. Just like viewing your own score, you can also view anyone else’s public score by adding them as a friend and opening up their profile. From there, simply scroll down to see their Snapchat score listed next to their name.

Alternatively, if you want to compare your score to multiple friends at once, you can do so by visiting the “My Friends” page from the main menu. Here, you’ll see a list of all your Snapchat friends, and next to their names will be their current score. So if you’re ever wondering how you stack up against your friends on Snapchat, this is the easiest way to find out!

One thing to keep in mind is that Snapchat scores can go up or down depending on how often you use the app, so if you see a sudden drop in your score it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing something wrong. Just keep snapping and your score will eventually go back up!

If you and your friend have similar scores, it may be because you both use Snapchat frequently and have been for a while. If you have a much higher or lower score, it may be because you use Snapchat differently. For example, if you only open the app to send a few snaps to your close friends, you may have a lower score than someone who opens the app more often and also views and interacts with a lot of content.

How to Increase Your Snapchat Score(5 steps)

So you want to up your Snapchat score, huh? Well, there are a few things you can do.

  • First, Snap as often as you can. The more you snap, the higher your score will be!
  • Second, add friends and interact with them as much as possible. When you add someone on Snapchat, their username is worth one point. But if you interact with them and send them snaps, you’ll gain even more points. So get snapping!
  • Third, use filters. Filters are a great way to add some pizzazz to your snaps and they’ll also help you earn more points. So go ahead and experiment with them to see which ones you like the best.
  • Fourth, post Stories. Stories are collections of snaps that you can share with your friends and they’re a great way to earn points. Plus, they’re just fun to make and watch!
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative. The more original and interesting your snaps are, the more interactions you’ll get and the more points you’ll earn.


Snapchat scores can be a fun way to see how active you are on the app and compare yourself to your friends. But at the end of the day, they’re just a number and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

As long as you’re having fun and using Snapchat to communicate with your friends, you’re doing it right. But if you’re ever feeling competitive, keeping an eye on that scoreboard can be a fun way to see how you’re doing. Of course, remember to take it all with a grain of salt!

Now go forth and snap like a pro! You’ll be racking up the points in no time. And who knows, maybe you’ll even become the next Snapchat superstar.

Happy snapping!*


How do I get more points on Snapchat?

There’s no one answer to this question since everyone uses the app differently. But some tips to get more points could include sending snaps with filters, adding text or drawings to your snaps, using geofilters, and sending snaps to multiple people at once.

What do the numbers next to my username mean on SnapChat?

The number next to your username is your Snapchat score. This is a combination of the number of snaps you’ve sent and received, as well as other factors. You can increase your score by sending and receiving more snaps, adding friends, and using other features on the app.

What are geofilters on SnapChat?

Geofilters are special overlays that you can add to your snaps when you’re in a specific location. For example, if you’re at a concert, there might be a geofilter available for you to use. Geofilters are usually designed by Snapchat users, and they’re a great way to add some creativity to your snaps.