How Do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number on Android

Whenever you are trying to call or send a message to the other person and you may find that it is not reaching them and you get a bit confused about it. There can be many reasons for that it can be either ignoring you or it can be not to keep in contact with you.

As there are many options that they may have kept a do not disturb mode in their phone. Which you are not able to check the reason for your not getting a response with it. But in case you are not getting any response for a longer period then you can go for many ways for it. 

How Do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number on Android

Here are the various given ways which will help you out for that you need to know and follow:-

Phone Rings 

  •  You have to check the number of phone rings being covered when you call the person. It can be the situation that the person can be on another call or also case can be of that their phone may be switched off. 
  •  For that, you need to wait for a moment and then try again to it. Still, if the same thing appears again that the single ring is going to them and your call is rejected right away in an automatic form then your number can be in a block form by such person. 


  •  As in the given era, most of the people prefer in using WhatsApp for sending messages other than text as it is also popular in every form. If your contact is there in WhatsApp, then you can message them there. If the message seems to be delivered then it can be sure that the person has not blocked you. But if it seems that only one tick is there then the reason can be that they may have blocked you. 
  •  There can be many other reasons like not getting the proper connection or switch off the mobile and many other forms. You can easily check about the blocking on WhatsApp too. 

Different Number

  •  If you have the option of another number with you, then you can easily contact with that person from that. Also, you can take another phone number from the members of your family and can make a call to them. 
  •  As such you can ask your friend to call to that person. If the call is easy going and ringing to that person then it is sure that you are blocked by them. 

In such a situation 

  •  If you find yourself difficult in handling such a situation, then you can meet that person to find the main root reason for blocking you. Also, you can do is to ask them by your friend and can take certain help. 
  •  As also it is not good to disturb the one who doesn’t even want to be in your touch. In that situation, you may not try to communicate with them as they can also take certain actions for it. 

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