Guide To Use Google Sheets As Amazon Price Tracker

Google Sheets is the best online tool and web-based office suite from which you easily manage and track your business productivity etc. Moreover. In this article, we going to take trough a simple guide based on using google sheets as an amazon price tracker tool.

How To Utilize Google Sheets As Amazon Price Tracker

We all have wanted to know about the Amazon and other Online Shopping sited Product Price Tracker. Here, I will be able to show you an easy method to trace the Amazon price by using the Google Sheets

Follow the below-given step by step instructions to know the complete information.

Step 1:

Search the web site of Amazon click on the worth Tracker sheet then Make a copy of it and reserve it in your Google Drive, Saved it in Google Drive and click on Ok Button.

Note: You can see the simple product URLs on the sheet

Step 2:

Search the URLs of Amazon products in column B of the Amazon price tracker sheet.

Step 3:

Replace the e-mail address during a cell together with your own email address.

Note: Now Email alerts are going to be sent:

Step 4:

Then click on Amazon price tracker menu within the toolbar and click on the authorize option.

Step 5:

Now click on the continue Button for more authorization.

Step 6:

Select your Gmail Account For authorization and click on the ALLOW button.

Step 7:

Click on the Amazon Price Tracker menu again within the toolbar then click on the beginning Tracker option. Note: It’s now active and you’ll receive a mail within 1 or 2 minutes listing the present prices of products that you simply have added within the Google Sheet:

Note: Also, you’ll add more URLs, or delete existing products, from the Google sheet and therefore the script will automatically pick the changes within the next run. And if you ever wish to prevent receiving those email alerts, just choose the Stop option from the amazon Price Tracker menu within the toolbar.