6 Google Apps To Use In Android Devices

Google Apps, it’s a very puzzling question. Now every day lots of good apps are uploading on play store. Apps are varied from person to person according to their need. I will focus on a few that I found for you.

Google Apps For Android Device To Increase Productivity

In this article, we are going to show you some of the most popular apps that every businessman or daily cell phone user has on your android devices. In terms of increasing productivity or saving time, these apps help you out.

1. Google Keep

worry to save something important in no time. Well, the application keeps it’s simple for this purpose. It has very simple and unique interfaces that are very useful. Can use it with a password option to pin your important notes at the height. Also, you can set the remainder.

2. Google Photos

Out of storage? do you want your photos should in a systematic order, then there is the perfect solution for your google photos. Here you can upload and back up all your memories in the form of photos and videos at the high quality. Also, you can make albums as per your requirements and organize them. Also, you can share them with your family members and also with social media. Another cool factor is that you can empty your space of memory after the back up is complete.

3. Google Drive

This app is pretty cool! This application has been made by Google itself. Google Drive is a personal cloud storage service from Google that allows its users to store and synch its digital content across computers, laptops and mobile devices, including Android- IOS devices world widely. Support for IOS devices is provided via GDrive, the Google Drive client for iPhone and iPad users in their device.

4. Google Maps

Get lost in a new or big city? wanna find to divorce new location and want to share ur live location then Just simply use the Maps by google. As the technology is on the highway, we can check any corner around the globe in 3D. Also you get the street view which is really another good option. Again this application is also a part of Google. Works with correct accuracy. Android and IOS users both can use it in their devices. The satellite option is also available on the app. A good way to find!

5. G-Board

Well, you might be thinking that why I’m talking too much about all the Google apps? But what else the option is, it’s just perfect apps to make our life smooth. So I’m writing about it. They are really useful in the time of need. Now, aboard is good as it supports the GIFS for Gmail and android message app. Also, it has the inbuilt google search integrated into it for concomitantly searching.

6. Google Play Store

It comes with a wide range of applications. It has millions of applications. Any kind of application will be available there. It has free to use but if you want some premium application then they have paid application too. It is an inbuilt app on android devices. Very easy to use. simply layout. You’ll definitely find your favourite one!

Wrapping Up!

I hope you like the information these all apps are genuinely safe and free to use. These Google apps are highly demanded and popular and trusted applications. By using these applications you’ll make your life smoother.