How to Login in Gmail as Different User

It is straightforward to operate one or more than one Gmail account on a single device or browser, and it is super convenient for you to use your several I’d this way.

Creating Google Account

First of all, to create a google I’d in case you don’t have one:

  • You have to open google and click on create an account.
  • It’ll check the sign-in process and then take you to a page where it asks your

》First name and last name
》Date of birth
》Email I’d
》Create password
》Mobile number

These are the specific details it’ll ask you to get into the account-creating process. When you’re done with this, it verifies your mobile number. Then click ‘next.’ Then you have to sign in to your account by adding your mail, I’d and password to it and click ‘sign in.’ This way, your google account is created, which is now ready to hold your data confidentially in its software and lets you smooth communication.

How To Gmail Login as Different User

Now you have to open Gmail and it asks you to sign in to log in as a different user on the same device.

  1.  Sign in to it with your email I’d and password.
  2. Click on the sign-in button and in this way, your mail I’d are now ready to receive and send emails.
    You were now coming to a point where you own multiple emails I’d, and you want to operate them on the same device or browser.
  3. Open Gmail, on the top corner there’ll be a letter like a button, click on it, and it displays your options certainly, your mail I’d and total mails on it, secondly to manage your account and the last option says ‘add another account.’
  4. Tap on it to add another I’d.

As soon as possible, you click on it, and it gives you options of different browsers for you to select one which you have your mail I’d. Then it asks you for your mail I’d and password.

You enter the asked information and sign in. Now you’ll be able to operate two accounts from the same device. To shift from one account to another, you again have to click on the letter-like button on the top left corner, where it displays both accounts.

Add More Gmail Account In Single Device

Similarly, you can add more accounts to your device.  Also to change the password or any information of your google account, When you tap on the letter-like thing, and the accounts appear,  Just below each account, you see an option that says ‘manage your google account.’

Tap on it and go through all your details, and you can modify any of them, followed by a simple verification either by password or fingerprint or mail or mobile number.

And if the verification is successful, it let you change your information. Also, you can have the two-factor authorization where it has several security methods that are entirely too strict and protects your account from  What is how you can log in to multiple accounts on the same browser or device quickly and conveniently and can also change your credentials if necessary.