15 Games For Apple Watch To Play

Looking games for apple watch you can legit get a lot of games here though it is a smartwatch and has some limitations it has all sorts of games from basics to the ones with superb graphics and animation.

Before anything, if you’re not aware of how to put a game on your apple watch then for that. In your phone in the apple watch app at the bottom, you can either go to the app store and look for an app, or you can search and download it. As soon as it gets downloaded and shows up on your phone, it’ll go straight to the apple watch.

15 Games For Apple Watch To Play In 2020

1. Spacewar HD

Space War GS

You tap on it, and you can start playing. Now using the ER digital crown, you can move to left and to the right, and when you’re playing the space ship automatically shoots. You have to break the asteroids or avoid them to save your ship or say in order not to die, but there are some extra things on the path that immune your boat.

So you have to have those things for sure. The catch of the game is you have to destroy as many ships and asteroids as you can, and that’ll show your total score. It is a perfect game and pretty capable as it is so convenient here.

2. Dare the Monkey

Dare the Monkey

This one’s going to take a bit to load, and after a couple of seconds, you’ll get the screen where you can tap on start. Then in this, you have a tap to jump, and you have a valve entirely with a bit of force, not too much that it goes over the screen, and the more you tap, the higher the monkey jumps And collects goodies.

This game is relatively robust as your finger blocks the screen a little bit as you play, and hence it is tricky to look at the screen properly and play. So to sort this out, you have to play from the bottom of the screen so that the touch also sensed and the screen will also be evident to you. You have to tap precisely where it is written best which displays your best score of the entire game. It is an one of the best games for apple watch.

3. Atomic Box

AtomicBox Arcade for Watch

Open up the game and tap on it to start or if you’re already playing tap on continue. Now the catch of this game is to move the digital crown and get the black dots inside the circle that appears to avoid the red dots to enter.

You have to move the box-like structure in a way that the black dot which is gliding over the screen tends to enter the circle which is actually inside the box-like structure avoiding the red ones to come. Now, this is a game that goes up to level by level in matters of toughness, so it seems very easy in the starting.

But as you go up to standard by level, the fun also rises as then it’s even more difficult and tricky to do the job. Also, if the black one touches any of the red ones, they multiply, making it more robust for the black one to get inside. And if the red ones enter the circle, you die.

4. Pong

Pong Apple Watch

It is straightforward, and there is nothing to load so as soon as you tap on the icon, it opens. In this you have to move your digital crown and try to avoid the white dot to go through the panel that is basically if eyeballed out of the screen, the ball keeps gliding over the whole screen, and there are two small walls like structures.

That prevents the ball from going out and spring them up from here to there. It is an ancient fashioned game, but just a version for your apple watch. It best games for apple watch to get tricky as sometimes the ball gets pretty fast and in all its a fun game to play.

5. Arcuate

Arcuate apple watch

In this game, all you have to do is put your little dash within the highlighted area. It has to be entirely inside it, even if it is touched even a mile millimeter outside the city you lose. The highlighted area keeps expanding an contracting, but all you have to do it using your digital crown, keep your dash in control.

And don’t let it get out of the highlighted area. It is difficult as the dash keeps gliding over here and there and you have to control it as even if it touched a bit of the outside, you lose.

6. Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit

It is an app that is there for almost two years now and takes an amount of one dollar when you decide to buy it. This game is all about unlocking as many locks you can, and the time you open it, there’s this vibration that indicates the unlocking which is fun feedback.

7. Elevate

Brain Training

If brain training is your thing and your purpose of gaming, then you have to check out this one. It allows you to think for a second before you get to the correct answer and hence helps you learn new things as you progress. It is one of that essential trivia sorts of games, but it depends as if you like questionnaire games then this one has to be your thing.

8. Wing Shooter

Wing Shooter

If you have a taste in shooting type games, then you have to check this one out. It is one dollar, the one-time fee which is worth it as you don’t get any of those stupid ads and the art style that this game is a lot able to have for your apple watch makes it worth that much. There are three games in this mode with which you can play the games that are easy, normal, and hard. So it would be best if you played it your way.

9. Hermes H Break

Hermès H Break

Now if you’re a person who’s into puzzle sort of twisted games then get this one. It is not your basic puzzle game but an upgraded version to it. It has three different mini-games you can select from, and each one is going to get tougher as you progress. You have got to control the balls that appear and try to get them inside of the orange circular mounts that appear. This one’s free to download and has no ads too.

10. Twisty Colour

Twisty Colour

This one again has a one time fee of one dollar, and this is the one that utilizes the crown wheel. You just have got a match the color balls with the rotating circle in the middle, but the catch is you’ve got to match the same colored balls with the same colored part of the circle using your digital wheel, and that’s what makes it fun and exciting to play.

11. LetterPad

word puzzle for apple watch

This one is free and is an excellent game if you love word games. You have to launch the app firstly on your primary device and then your watch. You can solve the word puzzle with your own choice of difficulty level by level.

12. Lateres

 fun retro breakout game

It is again a one time purchase app of approx one dollar and its those type of style games similar to pong, but here you’ve got to try and clear out the same colored bricks with the equal colored balls and if those bricks touch the ball or the surface is when the game gets over.

13. Komrad


It is a text adventure game sells for a dollar on the app store, and the unique and exciting part of this game is that you’re talking to a soviet AI from 1985. That has no idea that the cold war is now over it is the most exciting and fun game as you can legit talk to history.

14. Zombie Run

Zombies, Run!

It is one more of like an outdoor adventure game similar to pokemon go. It has legit 10000 plus positive reviews and an average rating of 4.8 on the app store. So clearly this game is loved and followed by a lot of people. Its sort of for working out or less technically its just a running out game.

It keeps track of all your runs, and if you’re using some headphones or AirPods, then it gives you an audio mission in your ear to encourage you for running escaping the zombies that come in your pathway. It is a game with fun and physical benefits, so that’s where its reviews and hype is justified.

15. LCD games: Alien Invasion

LCD games: Alien Invasion

This app or say the game has got a very fresh retro look and in which way they managed to pull off very well. It looks like some old school games and watches kind of style. It is one of the best games for apple watch to play from our list.

The point of the game is to capture your alien friends instead of shooting. You have got to rescue them, put them back in the UFO. It has two modes an easy one and a difficult one so you have got to play anyone, and it is tricky but fun too.

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