How To Get Free V Bucks

Searching for how to get free v bucks on Fortnite. In this case, there are several ways following which you can get free v bucks, but the difference you will get is in the amount. There are some legit ways where you need to put a lot of hard work and dedication. Some ideas are tricky and easy to follow. In season 2, there is a glitch, from where you can get a lot of v bucks pretty quickly for free. In this article, we are going to discuss getting v bucks for free. Just follow what we are telling you step by step, and you will get free v bucks out of your imagination.

Things To Consider To Get Free V Bucks

The legit ways are:
• In this you’ must log in daily to get v bucks for free.
• You have to play a lot of quests to get v bucks.
• For this you must pass some battle challenges to get the v bucks.

How To Get Free V Bucks In 2020

We are also going to mention the tricky way from where you can get free v bucks:

Step 1:

First, you have to go to the locker and change your skin to the default skin. Please find that little “x” and make that as your skin. Choose that guy or the game character which is set default by the game. It is an important part to remember.

Step 2:

Now go to the settings and find the matchmaking region. Please select the region where you can see that you are getting the highest ping. Do not compromise; select the region with the highest one. Hit on the apply option.

Step 3:

Now, you have to make a change in the actual game mode. Please make sure that the creatives was select from what you exactly want to do. Launch the game, and once you’ve taken to the world, please go to one of the featured islands. You can choose any one island. Hubs would not matter here.

Step 4:

After walking into one of the featured islands, please make sure that you are in team 1. Now go to the menu and hit on start game. Now please start cranking. You have to manage the hardest part of the 90s cranking. You may find that the game is getting choppy but please do not panic, have patience. Now you’ve to be in this world for at least 20 seconds. Stand on top.

Step 5:

Now, after 20 seconds, open up the menu and click on leave creative. You will be taken back to the lobby with the highest ISP. After going to the lobby, please open the chat box situated at the bottom line. You have to type one specific code.

The code is:

‘v.buck=(your epic name)/?(amount of v bucks you want)(player/tab]creator.worldsfeaturedisland

Step 6:

Now, please do not hit on the send button. In this situation, get to the creative window again by just leaving that code there in that condition. After going to the hub again, go to the same featured island and hit on start the game. Again make sure that you are on team 1. Stay on the board for 20 seconds again and start cranking. It doesn’t matter what wall you are going to but stay on top for 20 seconds again.

In this way, tricking the game and glitching the server, you will get free v bucks. Play a little bit longer, and then go to the menu and hit leave creative. Get back to the lobby.

Step 7:

Now go to the feedback space and hit on ‘comment’ again and again to bug it. Now open up ‘change gamer’ and hit on ‘cancel.’ You will be done. Just look at the V bucks score, and you will see that you own the same amount of v bucks for free, you have put in that code.

Wrapping Up!

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