5 Texting Free App For iPhone and Android

Looking for Texting Free App? There are several free texting applications for both the Android and IOS. In this article, we are discussing some tremendous free texting applications that you can try out. Read this informative article till the end to know that out.

5 Texting Free App For iPhone and Android In 2020

1. Text Plus

Text plus supports free text and group SMS. It is free with the US or Canadian Text Plus phone number. The free SMS text messaging allows text to/from any US or Canadian mobile even if you do not have the application. You have to share your Text Plus phone number with your friends so they can text message and call you.

2. iMessags

The next application is the iMessage application. You can use this application if you have iOS 5 or above. It has got the interface somehow the same as Apple’s built-in texting application. The application, iMessage, allows its users free texting across all iOS devices running iOS 5 or more so long as they have internet access.

3. Text Now

If you want to make messaging more comfortable, then use the Text Now app. This application offers users unlimited texts and picture messaging. You can be easily able to use the emoji, stickers, and GIFs available to other people to make the conversation more enjoyable. You can get the transcripts of your voicemail to know more about those. With this application, you can keep your message under security with lock and key away from others. Text Now supports Google Smart Lock, and there is no need to remember your password while unlocking the private chats. You can add your signatures to each text, as well as text-tone, ringtones, and vibrations. You can also assign a quick reply and respond quickly in a quick manner to your friends.

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4. Google Voice

Google Voice is an excellent free texting app. It is also famous as an android texting application. It lets you send free SMS messages, and it makes free phone calls if you are residing somewhere in the U.S. or Canada. SMS and MMS support are outstanding in this application. It is not too different from what we’ve seen on the mainstream list. You should try it first if you are in search of a texting application. Keep in mind that you do requires a Google account for this app.

5. Fring

Fring is an excellent application for free Calls, Video Calls, Group Video with Chat, and Texting. This app supports all third-party messaging applications like GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger. If you want some extra, then you can add these services to Fring apps and make use of these to chat with each other.