25 Best YouTube Channels For Free Online Yoga Classes

To get started with Yoga you must learn, some of its basic movements of yoga that help to perform yoga pose easily. Online Yoga Classes are one of the best ways to learn yoga online through yoga videos. When we talk about online video streaming YouTube is the best. Because it’s one of the best online video streaming platforms across the world.

There are lots of health benefits of yoga that keep you fit and fine for your entire life. For maintaining your monthly budget you can access the free online yoga classes on YouTube to save money from the paid yoga studio, and if you’re a beginner then, in this case, you must start your yoga training from yoga basics videos available on YouTube.

List of Free Online Yoga Classes On YouTube Channels

YouTube has tons of the best online yoga videos (both paid and free).  You can easily get free beginner yoga videos, advanced yoga videos which are very informative and help you to reach the peak of the practice.

1 # Yogi Nora


These YouTube channels are owned by Nora yoga instructors how upload videos for beginner to advanced yoga training videos. There are lots of yoga videos of vinyasa flow classes and Yin Yoga. This Youtube channel has almost 101 yoga training videos with different playlists like Abdominal Exercise and much more.

2  PsycheTruth


PsycheTruth is the best platform to learn how to get fit with these educational videos. This channel contains almost more than 2500 videos about massage, yoga, weight loss, alternative medicine, mind control and a lot more.

In the case of Yoga, PsycheTruth has some of the best yoga instructors like Joy Scola, Meera Hoffman, Katrina Repman and Mollie Galbraith. It is also a great place to learn Yoga through the video without going to Yoga Classes.



YogaATX is an Austin based YouTube channel there is more than 7 yoga instructor that gives better yoga lessons.

The new videos were uploaded on Tuesday and Thursday you’ve to subscribe to the YogaATX channel to get new videos weekly. If you prefer advanced yoga classes then you should check out other Yoga YouTube Channels listed below.

4 # Yoga Vidya


With these channel videos, you can easily practice yoga from your home without going to paid yoga classes to save money. Here on this YouTube Channel, you can find Yoga Videos about Haha Yoga, pranayama, meditation, kriyas, and a band has and Ayurveda and much more.

The videos include Yoga Classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.  With some special topics such as Meditation and fitness and much more.

5 # Heart Alchemy Yoga 


We all search for the best online yoga videos to learn Yoga in an easy way without having a hassle. Heart Alchemy Yoga is also a great Yoga online class platform where you can learn from beginning yoga to advanced yoga.

The channel contains more than 300 videos of online yoga courses like Hot yoga, short attention span yoga, yoga workout and much more. For more deep information about online yoga classes, you can visit heartalchemyyoga.com.

YouTube Channels For Yoga

6 # Yogasync.Tv


Yogasync TV is an online yoga videos provider with the help of this channel you can improve your online home yoga practice with a wide range of yoga videos. The channel has more than 500 videos of online yoga practice.

You can also visit Yogasync. tv official website to know more about yoga at an advanced level. However, on a website the videos are not for free you’ve to join membership for $99 But you can get free online yoga videos on the YouTube channel.

7 # Yoga With Tim


Yoga With Tim is a YouTube channel where you can find several Yoga videos for your home practice. There are almost 50 videos of Yoga which are distributed into different challenges like 30 days of full-body yoga, yoga for strength and balance and much more.

If you’re a beginner in Yoga then you must check out the Beginner Series of Yoga Videos uploaded by Tim that helps you to learn yoga basics movement within few days.

8 # Kino Yoga


KinoYoga YouTube Channel is owned by Kino MacGregor who is a well know person in Yogies.  Kino is practicing Yoga for almost 20 years and she is also an author is three books, co-founder of Miami Life Center.

The YouTube channel contains lots of Yoga Videos that help you to learn yoga movements and poses within few months. This channel has 1000+ videos of Yoga of different movements and poses and much more for healthy fitness.

9 # Yogi Approved


There are several Yoga Pose videos on Yogi Approved YouTube Channel to learn yoga for losing weight, reduce low back pain and so much more.  However, Yogi Approved is an official website that published articles about Yoga movements some other topics.

10 # Yoga with Kassandra


This YouTube channel is officially owned by Kassandra. This yoga channel is best for learning Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow classes Kassandra weekly uploads a new video of yoga poses and the channel has almost 100+ yoga videos.

If you’re looking for advanced Yoga classes then you can check out Advanced Yoga Series uploaded by Kassandra. There is also some other awesome video playlist like 30 minutes yoga classes online, Beginner Yoga Classes and much more.

11# Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga


The Ali Kamenova is a Los Angles based YouTube channel that has a lot of online yoga class videos to help people to learn yoga at home. Ali is a great yoga teacher who practicing yoga for a long time and master vinyasa-style yoga.

The Ali YouTube Channel has more than 300+ online yoga videos of different topics Yin Yoga, YOGA FOR PREGNANCY, intermediate-advanced power vinyasa yoga classes and much more. There are the best videos on this channel like 30  minutes of beginner yoga classes for weight loss etc.

 12 # SarahBethYoga


SarahBethYoga has several types of yoga videos, like meditation-videos, mindfulness videos and much more. However, if you don’t have much time to do yoga you can watch Sarabeth 3 to 30 minutes yoga practice videos and a lot more.

You can easily Subscribe to the channel to get weekly yoga videos or online yoga classes updates and some other videos of yoga-like Power yoga,  Restorative yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Meditation and Health & lifestyle.

Yoga Classes on YouTube

13 # Fightmaster Yoga


Lesley Fightmaster is a United States-based Yoga Instructor. She owns a YouTube channel named Fightmaster Yoga where you can find that helps people to get online yoga classes via videos. There are almost 200+ yoga videos of different yoga movements.

Weekly new videos were uploaded by Lesley to get them on the screen you’ve to Subscribe to Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube.

14 # SeanVigueFitness


Sean Vigue is a perfect man to learn yoga he equipped with a baseball hat and sinker. Sean offers some of the best Yoga Videos for non-traditional males you try learning Yoga through Yoga online classes on the web.

In this YouTube channel, you can get 30 days beginner yoga program or 7 Days fitness challenge to get started with Yoga poses and movements. Sean also offers some 10 to 20 minutes videos to quickly fix arm pain, shoulder workout and a lot more.

15 # Five Parks Yoga


Five Park Yoga is also great YouTube channel where you can find the best online yoga class videos easily.  The channel has almost 150+ yoga videos in different video playlists. For example, if you want to learn cheat and back yoga movements to get relief from pain. You can view the Chest and Back Yoga Videos playlist to practise yoga poses in a home.
16 # Yoga by Candace


This is a perfect video channel for those people who can find time to do yoga at their home. Here you can find short-length yoga videos that help you to learn yoga in less time or some important yoga poses that keep you fit and fine.

17 # Yoga With Adriene


Adriene Yoga is totally a youtube yoga videos channel where you can find all types of yoga poses. Such as Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga for Healing, Yoga for Bedtime, winding down and much more. Adriene also offers 30 days challenge in which you can learn all nessness yoga movements and poses that keep your fitness great.

best online yoga classes

18 # Cosmic Kid Yoga


This YouTube channel is specially designed for Kids with the help of this channel your kids can learn easily yoga movements that help them to grow with other body fitness factors. These free yoga videos are themed on popular movie stars like Star Wars, Frozen, animal and a lot more.

19 # Bad Yogi


In this list of online yoga classes youtube channels this my favourite channel to learn yoga because this channel lot of deep information regarding yoga movements and fitness. The channel is owned by Erin Motz it’s not that type of channel where you find complete guides of yoga.

20 # TaraStiles


The channel is owned by Tara Stiles a yoga instructor. She practicing yoga for 30 years and started his channel in 2007. The yoga videos are quite fun to learn yoga moves from basic to challenging. Currently, there are 200+ videos of yoga on this channel in different playlists.

21 # Internal Yoga


Strength is one of the key features of internal yoga it helps you to regain strength along with some other fitness benefits. This channel is lead by Ali Kamenova who uploaded videos of online yoga classes for yogis.

Here in this YouTube yoga channel, you can learn three types of yogas. Internal Yoga, Yin Yoga, and other yoga movements. This is a perfect channel for an athlete to learn yoga from home.

22 # Yoga House


The Yoga House is not a channel where you get complete knowledge about Yoga or online yoga classes. It’s a platform where you can learn yoga poses and movements. It’s the best to place for those who looking for a variety of moves of different types of yoga such as Yin yoga, Bikram power etc.

23 # Relaxing Music & Yoga


Basically, if you’re looking a yoga channel that offers yoga online classes with music that helps in body relaxing while performing yoga poses. In this case this one of the best yoga youtube channels that offer yoga classes with music.

There are almost 50+ videos of yoga learning with pain-reducing soundtracks. It not the best but currently all we’ve found on Youtube.

24 # Ekhart Yoga


Ekhart Yoga is an official website where you can get deep information regarding yoga poses, meditation classes and much more. Esther Ekhart offers different types of yoga classes like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative and Yin Yoga.

25 # Leigha Butler


This YouTube channel is led by Leigha is a yoga educator & body mover. Here you can learn Yoga without costly yoga equipment Leigha helps you to learn yoga poses without having the hassle. This channel has almost 50+ videos of Yoga for different body parts.