8 Memory Booster Free Kids Learning Games

Whenever you use your phone your child always comes in between to have a look at it. In actual they just want to see and play games on it. It really becomes typical to handle children in that situation. They really become bored and they search for electronic devices for playing. It becomes difficult to figure out apps that which one will be perfect for them.

Therefore, for such a situation there are many apps that will not only provide games but also knowledge to them. Here you will find an easy way of downloading the given apps for your child which you will later find that they are best for your child. Either your child is in the preschool or is in playschool both the situation child can easily get attached here.

8 Free Kids Learning Games In 2020

Here are the eight best learning games for kids that can be easily installed on your iPad, iPhone & Apple TV.

1. Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

This is the perfect app made for your child is getting the various skills that are necessary for a child in their starting of schooling life. They can easily learn shapes, colours, arts, puzzles and many more with the fun. This is a realistic and fantastic app for the development and growth of the mind of a kid.

2. Starfall ABCs

Starfall ABCs App

This is an animated and fun-based app which will guide the child in the mental development of your kid. It gives the best knowledge of alphabets and extra nurture of lessons on the subject of maths with a good version of social skills to them.

3. Nick jr.

Nick jr.

This app gives fabulous shows and knowledge to the child about the collection of various educational and games based topics. It also provides animated videos of the most known characters. It has various episodes of your child’s favorite program and a lot of games on those topics.

4. PBS kids games


This is the best app in giving the form of access to the basic collections of educational games. It includes all the types of subjects with the proper form of knowledge and topics. It is a free app that also gives the base of providing the reading option to the kids.

5. Elmo Lovers 123s

Elmo Loves 123s

This is the exciting app for toddlers which gives the best form of learning numbers by their favorite character. It gives the good form of games and videos along with shapes and drawings which will truly make your child ready to learn it.

6. Goodness Shapes

Goodness Shapes

This app is much famous among toddlers as they contain the best way of teaching shapes to them. It includes the discussion on colors and also the best sort of fun with the fairy tales. It adds the best form of learning and nurturing them in good form.

7. Hair Salon 3

Hair Salon game

This is the perfect app for kids through which they can get the best way in imagining and exploring the various forms of creativity and also will be able to design in their own way. It also gives the ability of experimenting in the best form. It’s one of  the best free kids learning games.

8. Duolingo


This app is famous for using and making memes all over the world. This provides the best form of learning in various types of languages. It encourages a child in getting all information about the further downloading of the learning of languages and also gives an identified form of practice.