10 Best Free Home Design Software

To design your dream home based on industry-standard you will need special software. In this article, we will be telling you about 10 free software that you can use for designing. This is are some of the best free home design software on the web.

1. DraftSight


It is an ideal free software package that you can use for designing purposes. The only requirement is that you have to activate this software providing your valid email address. Draft sight is a basic 2D package for drafting. It feels very much like the AutoCAD software. It contains all the tools for professional plan execution.

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2. LibreCAD

LibreCAD For Mac

LibreCAD is a high-quality 2D CAD modelling platform. It has a large following of professional designers. It includes awesome tools for layering. It is a free open source card application. Available in 30 languages.

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It is an old school free CAD software. It is also partially inspired by the AutoCAD software. The interface for the user is very neat and clean. Beginners will find no complexity using this software for the first time. If you want more intricate work, then you can switch into an isometric view.

Download: QCAD Software

4. ArchiFacile


This is a free easy to use software and is used to design 2D home plans. You can be your architect if you use this software. Additionally, the construction of the house plan can be finished in stages so that the user can have great detailing. You can create each part of a room step by step.

5. Sweet Home 3D

3D Home Design Software

It is open-source software for the people who want to redesign their home by arranging patterns, furniture, walls, etc. Users can get a 3D view of how everything is going to look while designing.

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6. TAD

TAD Software

It has an Indian origin, reformed in the year 1989. TAD is a software that always tries to give conventional designing solutions. It is compatible with 3D design. It neglects the conceptual side of the architectural design. It is intended for used by the super experienced professional designers. Basically it is a great free home design software.

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7. B-Processor

BProcessor Software

It is a software that is being developed by the whole school of architecture in Denmark incorporation with Alexandria Institute. The B in the software stands for the building. This is also a 3D software. It can give both 2D as well as 3D views. While designing, the user will find a strict object structure describing either their functions or their properties.

8. Dynamo

Dynamo Software Download

It belongs to a new version of all the 3D architectural soft wares. It can design based on a set of parameters. It is beheaded by Autodesk. It is an advanced 3D modelling software. Different complex structures can be made in a few times using this cool software.

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9. FreeCAD

FreeCAD Software Download

It is designed around parametric modelling. It can design a real-life 3D object of any size. One of the most advanced soft wares for the designers.

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10. Sketch Up

Sketch Up Software

Sketch Up is also amongst the most advanced house designing soft wares. With all the necessary tools for designing. This software is an automatic choice for the experienced architectural designers. It’s also one of the best free home design software.

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