How To Format System HDD from Command Prompt

Hard Disk or External Hard Disk is an important part of the central processing unit (CPU) or your laptop. If you don’t have a hard disk on your computer you cannot store data or your documents on your computer. There are some other usages of hard disks which we talk about in this article.
So, formatting a hard disk is a big task for everyone before formatting you have to save your all important files and folders on the flash driver or some other USB device.
There are several ways to format your computer hard disk from which you can easily format your external hard disk available in your computer. But sometimes you don’t want to waste your time on a long process to format the hard disk and you can save your time by formatting the hard disk using command lines.

Format Computer Hard Disk via Command Prompt

Follow the step-by-step guides along with images to better understand how you can easily format your computer hard disks from command lines.
Step  1
Go to the Start Menu and search “Run” and open it
Step 2 : 
Now in Run, type “diskpart”

Step 3 : 
In the command prompt type, “List Disk”
Step 4 : 
Now select the disk you want to format, and type “Select Disk Number”.

Note: Replace the Disk Number with the disk  no you want to clean
 Step 5 : 
Now type “Clean “ to format your selected hard disk..