How To Format Flash Drive on Macbook Pro

How Can I Format My Flash Drive on Mac

Flash drives also called pen drives that basically used for exchanging data such as movies, files, documents and some other kind of stuff. It was way to easy to move or copy files from computer to flash drive.

You’ve probably known that a flash drive was an external device and when you connected it with your computer it comes with some virus that harmful to your computer system. But you can easily use a scanning program to scan the flash drive to remove all harmful viruses.

So to remove unwanted stuff and viruses from a flash drive you’ve to make it format using flash drive formatting tools. In this article, we demonstrate how you can format the flash drive on mac.

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Formatting Flash Drive on Mac

There are several applications available online for formatting USB drives such as 321Soft USB Flash Recovery for Mac, Data Recovery for Mac, and  Disk Drill. These third-party tools allow formatting the flash drive on your Mac.

But if want to format a flash drive without using third-party tools then. In this case, you can use a disk utility program to format a pen drive on mac.

Step 1 : 

Connect your Flash Drive with mac through USB port

Step 2 : 

Now launch Disk Utility now move to Applications > Utility.

Step 3 : 

When you located your flash drive name on the left side panel, click on it

Step 4 : 

Go to the Ease tab. Change ‘Format’ to ”Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”. After that named the device if you want to change the name of your flash drive.

Step 5 : 

In this final step Click on the Erase button to confirm you want to format the device.