[Forgot My Apple ID] How To Reset Apple ID In 1 Minute Guide

I have forgot my Apple ID and I don’t know how I can reset the password on my Apple ID. This is the most common question asked by our iOS device readers. Don’t worry in this article we’re going to tell you one of the simplest methods to reset the password on Apple ID without having a hassle.

What is the Apple ID?

The Apple ID is an authorized method of using an Apple Account to manage your device features such as iCloud, iPhone advanced settings and much more. In other words, The Apple ID refers to the Apple Account that used to manage iPhone, Mac, iPad and other Apple Devices.

If you want to enable or disable any feature on your Apple Device you required your Apple ID. To login to your Apple Account and the device will automatically use the settings correlated with the Apple ID.

How To Reset Apple ID Password From Other Device

Technically, you’ll require your email address or you’ve to answer the security question to change the password of your Apple Account.

Now, follow below-given step by step instructions to change the password on Apple ID—

  • Go to the iforget.apple.com from the web browser of your computer or smartphone.
  • Next, enter your Apple ID email address and click on continue.
  • Now choose, ” I need to reset my password“. Click on the continue button.
  • After that, you’ve to choose the option to recover the password “Get Email” or “Security Question”.

If you select Get Email option then you’ve received an encrypted link on your mail inbox from Apple. From that link, you can easily able to change the password of your Apple Account or Apple ID. However, if you select the Security Question option, then you’ve to correctly answer the question that you’ve selected when you created your Apple ID. For example: “Place or Country of your Birth “, “Your Best Friend Name” etc.

  • After selecting one of these two options, click on the continue button.
  • Click on done.

Now check your mailbox you’ll receive an email from Apple with the subject “How to reset Apple ID password” the email carries a button or hyperlink with titled “Reset Now”. click on it and set your new password for your Apple Account without having a hassle or asking anybody about I have forgot my apple ID and how can I reset it.