How To Fix Mobile Hotspot Connected But No Internet Connectivity

Today generation android is the most popular smartphone compared to an iOS phone. Android phone around 85% share handheld devices. Smartphones are weight and size are awesome and performance is branded. Day by day smartphone is most important for business growth for communicating the client, customer.

Android user the internet so one common problem is created android Hotspot connected but no internet access. Here, in this article, we are going to teach step by step guide on how to fix the problem of no internet connection. When we are used to internetworking on our own mobile but someone says to share the Hotspot that time problem created no internet connection after connected to the hotspot. Displaying the exclamation mark(!).

These problems occur like windows pc, android MacBook even iOS phones. To fix the problem of android Hotspot connection but no internet access, when you connect the other devices like windows pc MacBook, android etc using wifi Hotspot.

Following the steps to fix the Problem

If one steps are work then not go to the next step because steps are solved.

1. Turn ON & OFF Airplane mode:

It is one of the most common processes to solve the problem. While the mobile network is hidden than using the
airplane mode.

  1. Pull down your mobile notification slide
  2.  See the Airplane mode icon showing the symbol.
  3. Tap to airplane mode icon.
  4. Turn ON the airplane mode and wait for some second then OFF the mode.
  5. Now the result solved network has come back.

fix mobile hotspot

2. Change IP as Static IP

You type the password on wifi which is the dynamic IP address. Dynamic means you change the password during
running time. So getting the Static IP address to solve the problem of hotspot connection.

  1. Open the wifi connection
  2. Look at your android Hotspot network.
  3. Press the wifi network also onto the through setting on wifi.
  4. Looking for an advance setting.
  5. Find the modifying network or just click.
  6. Change the IP setting DHCP to Static.
  7. Now assign the IP address
  8. Leave without touching any option and save the changes.
  9. Now wifi hotspots problem is solved with internet access.


Reset Hotspot Mobile


3. Clear the System Cache

Clearing the system cache to provide a hotspot to delete cache data of wifi, resolve the issue of hotspot internet access. Reboot the recovery mode of your device and wipe the cache. Steps of reboot recovery mode are performed different steps on different devices.

Follow the steps recovery mode: 

  1. Switch off the device. 
  2. Press the power key + down volume key simultaneously. 
  3. Now the phone will reboot on recovery mode. 
  4. See the wipe cache option. 
  5. Select the option and wipe the device cache. 
  6. Reboot the device normally power button itself. 
  7. The problem is resolved.

The above steps are working and many methods are to solve the problem. So try to solve the problem above two methods helping your problem. When you go to the next steps either two steps do not work your phone.