How To Find Old Email In Gmail

If you using Google Mail for a long time such as two or three years then it is hard for you to find old emails sent to you. But there is a simple way to find years-old emails in the email by using it you can easily find old emails in your Google Mail inbox.

To find years-old emails in your Google mail account you have followed step-by-step guides written by me for you along with screenshots.

Guide To Find Old Email In Gmail 

You can find your old mail in Gmail by using Google Mail Advanced Search option by using filters to find old emails you have to use the following filters.

As you see with the help of four filters (After, Before, Newer and Older) you can easily find the old email on your Google Mail account for more detailed information keep reading.

Step-by-Step Guide to Find Old Email In Gmail

Step 1 : 

Login to your Google Mail Account > All Mail 

Step 2:

To Find One-Year-Old Email, Type “Filter” and then type year along with month and date

(For Example My Gmail account is more than 2 years old then the filter is applied in the following way)

To find and receive emails after 2014 emails. I used the After filter in the search box in my Gmail account.

To find receive emails before this year. I used Before: Filter in the search box

To find years-old emails in Gmail. I used Older: Filter in search box

To find the newly received emails in the week I used Newer: Filter in the search box.

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