ITA Matrix – How To Find Cheapest Flights

In this article, we going to show you how to use ITA Matrix Software to find the cheapest flights in a few steps. However, if you don’t ever use ITA Matrix Software then this time your travelling budget going to be rocked.

If you think, finding the cheapest flights is kind of impossible thing then you going to change your thoughts after reading this article. Last year when its Christmas we booked our flights go Huawei for $650 approx. But recently when I’ve to my friend’s wedding in Vegas I have searched for cheap flights over Google. But I don’t find any proper solution and in the end, I finally found Matrix ITA Software.

Using this software, I easily find out the cheapest flight ticket to Vegas with some hassles. But it’s ok when we talking about saving money on flights little hassle doesn’t matter.

Guides To Use ITA Matrix Software To Find Cheap Flights

Follow the below-given step-by-step guides to find the cheapest flights using ITA Matrix Software. So, the next time you save some amount of money on your travelling budget.

Step 1:

First of all go to the site, to access ITA Matrix Software.


Step 2:

Now enter your departing place and destination. After that Click on “Nearby” on both to find nearby places (which shows nearby places of your destination and departing). I always pick up 200 miles because it encompasses more than three airports with driving distance.


For Example:   Put the arrival airport, where you want to go or where you think you might want to go. Imagine you search for Honolulu International (HNL), and then select “Nearby” and choose arrival distance more than 500 miles of Honolulu.

Step 3:

Now hit the search button to see how flexible is to “see the calendar of lowest fares” and enter your earliest possible departure date.  After that enter your number of nights such as 7-9 nights.

Step 4:

So here what you get. The list of cheap flight tickets according to your travelling Schelde. Now when you move the mouse pointer over the prices it displays the cheapest flights for a number of nights.


For Example, I’ve select 2 Feb 2017 for Red Deer to Honolulu for 7 nights for $491 and for 9 nights it will be for $601.

Step 5:

Now you see the cheapest flight matching for my criteria is in the red rectangle which is for $650 for 7 nights through Air Canada airlines.


So, here is the list of matching flights for your criteria from which you can easily select the cheapest flight according to your travelling budget. One more important thing, there is choose called “Multiple Departure “ which also gives you the cheapest airlines tickets involving all of the above airports.

Bottom Line of Article

The conclusion of the article is you can only search for fights tickets using this ITA Matrix Software. This means you cannot book a flight using this software for booking a flight ticket you’ve to visit the airline website.