Why You Need to Get On Board with FastestVPN Right Now

Humans have never been really lauded for their patience over waiting for the entire season of their favourite ever TV shows to come out before watching it, and they really shouldn’t be. It takes a lot of mavericks to be able to hold off on the temptation to know what happened next in the upcoming episode of Stranger Things. It is very natural to be enticed by the spoilers posted by all the fans who are going bananas over what happened to your favourite characters, further rousing your curiosity. So what if you are one of those unlucky souls who does not own a TV, or find it really expensive to install a channel charging a high fee so that you can watch that ONE TV show?

Unlucky right? You cannot also show immense forms of audacity by downloading the episode using torrents unless you would just love to get a ban or penalty. But it is not only your show viewing capabilities that are hindered by the unavailability of the expensive channels, but it also means you missing out on all the important matches of your teams that you have been supporting ever since you could spell the word  “Teams”.

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So how do you really get to quench your curiosity without really losing hope in the show or the prospect of ever being able to watch it again till the next six months, till the Netflix Gods decide to have mercy on you and release the entire season? You download a VPN application. Who is willing to wait 6 months when Facebook and Youtube are ripe with soul-crushing spoilers? Of course, you want to know who really won the last match before a group of colleagues start to discuss the rundowns of the entire match in excruciating detail right in front of you. So what do you do before the news of who won and who heralded as the man of the match gets to you? You download the Fastest VPN. At least that is what helped us.

FastestVPN is the sort of application which will take you back to all of those times you struggled to find the latest episode release and watch it illegally, only to be hit by an anger-inducing advertisement. It is the application that would make you wish we had written this review earlier. This Cayman Islands VPN service holds within itself some impressive level security systems along with the options of unlimited browsing for more than one person at a time. Having been developed with 256-Bit AES Encryption and advanced protocols, FastestVPN will allow you to browse the strongest encrypted websites while at the same time protecting who you are from the prying eyes of the authorities. It also automatically clears all the cookies once you have finished with browsing.

The service has up to servers in more than 150 countries, which will allow you to anonymously access geo-restricted websites. This means that you can download your expectant episode of You without being detected. You can also live stream the Barcelona match without any interruption or danger of being penalized.

Amazing right? Read on to know more how this magical website really works:

Fastest VPN Service At Cheap Rates


Let us first address the belle of the ball of this service. We have established that we all feel like criminals running from the law when we are trying to torrent download the latest episode of our favorite show. But now you don’t need to be covered in that blanked of fear. You can now access the latest game live thanks to the 256 AED encryption that can hold off any external party from gaining information on its users. Several of the IT professionals owe their referrals to this brilliant encryption class, you can even find it on their website. It is considered to be one of the best in the world. Further intensifying the security system and putting you at ease are the added protocols like L2TPm TCP/UDP, SSTP and more.

The cherry on top of this whole security swarm is the internet kill switch which will immediately erase all your data in any case your Wi-Fi disconnects. Often we experience this jolt of horror when we are accessing a restricted website and all of a sudden everything stops cos your Wi-Fi ran out of juice. Well with this VPN service, even if it takes you hours to get your Wi-Fi running again you can still be assured that your data will remain the same cos their internet kill switch is there to get rid of all your data.

Ofcourse the NAT Firewall stands guard to whatever unwanted content may make its way to your computer. They filter out all the unwanted approaches in order to protect your device.

Price and Payment

FastestVPN service has always been able to satisfy its customers with the types of prices and payment offers that it comes up with. Understanding your need to cut back on the expenditure they have come up with packages that will help your browse, torrent, and livestream for extended periods of time on supremely low costs. Following are some of the wonderful packages that will allow you unlimited anonymous browsing which will not even require you to empty your wallet:

  • 1 month plan = $10 (prepaid every month)
  • 1 year plan = $29.95 (cut down from $120)
  • 3 year plan = $39.95 (cut down from $360)
  • 5 year plan = $49.95 (cut down from $600)


Though your friends might not be in the same geographical location as you, it does not mean you cannot enjoy the same show at the same time. Or also, if you feel that you can share the cost of these packages then there is good news, FastestVPN will allow 10 users to access the websites at the same time. Now you finally will have some support as you watch your favorite characters get killed off or when you watch your team win.

FastestVPN also has 24/7 tech support so that you are never left without assistance in your qualms.