How To Enable Windows 10 File History To Backup

How Can I Turn on Windows 10 File History To Backup Windows into External Hard Drive

Windows 10  File History and easily feature allow window users to back up their personal files. Basically, this feature takes a snapshot of the version of your folders and files and store them on an external hard drive.

For Example: If you’re using Windows 10 File History then you can easily recover any files from file history that you’ve deleted and you don’t have to regret it.

How To Turn on Windows 10 File History To Backup Files

Step 1 :

Go to Start Menu > Settings


Step 2 :

Open Update & Security > Backup


Step 3 :

Move to the Backup tab, on the left side of your screen Click on  “Add a Drive”


Step 4 :

You’re prompt to the external hard drive tab, select the one you want and that it.

After enabling the File History feature you see an On / Off button from which you can easily stop file history on Windows 10.

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