How To Enable Language Translator on EDGE Browser

How to Enable Automatic Translation of Web Pages to English on Microsoft Edge web browser!

Microsoft Edge is one of the coolest internet tools launched by Microsoft along with Windows 10 in the ending months of 2015. Currently, more than 200 million Windows users upgraded their system with Windows 10.

Mostly Edge browsers became a sensation among Windows users because Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge web browser.

In comparison, the Edge browser has some new features and it makes little difficult for some computer users like me and you to know the proper way to use them.

In this article, I will guide you to enabling Language Translator on Edge browser that helps you to translate any web page on your own understanding language on Microsoft Edge.

Enable Language Translator on Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)

Follow the given below guides to learn how you can enable the automatic translation of web pages to English or any other language.

After releasing Microsoft Edge lots of its users searched for solutions to enable web page translation but they ended up with nothing.

Microsoft’s technical adviser and the supporting team are not clear on this topic.

According to my research, Microsoft Edge doesn’t have any internet tool for a language translator. So you have to translate web pages in Edge browser manually with the help of some web tools.

Although Microsoft launched its Microsoft Translator beta app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. That allows users to translate text directly from 50 languages, along with text that is captured by a photo.

Useful Information

You can Translate Web Pages on Microsoft Edge browser by IE or Maxthon internet tools.

But there is some other ways from which you can translate web pages such as using Google Translator.

Step 1 :

Open Google Translator ( on Edge.

Step 2 :

Copy and Paste the URL of the web page and hit the enter button to translate the web page.

This is end of this guide for more similar guides do check our Windows guides section.

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