How To Edit Videos For YouTube – Ultimate Guide

Wonders, how you can edit videos for YouTube Channel!

When you watch youtube, the process which it goes through before it is uploaded takes up for from setting up the camera with the perfect light adjustments, sound adjustments.

Without interruption of any irritating external voice, good picture quality, then recording the video which again has to have several takes, modifications, rectifications. After all that hard work when it is entirely recorded, the process is still not over.

Things To Know About YouTube Video Editing

For a video to be displayed in front of an audience that counts almost billions and trillions, it needs to have a certain level of quality to be on that platform. For which editing plays a significant role and significance as it is not that basic editing which can be done with essential apps or something but the editing of videos like these requires outstanding quality.

Now to edit a youtube video using your phone or your laptop or using any app, you have to have three things in your mind.

Which are the most important things to put up a video together, which are: The video element, The audio element, and The text element.

Video element refers to what you shoot, maybe the clippings or any video element.  Audio now goes for two phases, one that comes with the video, and the other is the voice-over thing or maybe music. Lastly, the text that includes the graphics or the subtitles or the logo or anything.

So for a fact on any software, you have to work upon only the above three elements, to make your video presentable.

How To Edit YouTube Videos: Step by Step Guide

Now there is n number of techniques to edit a youtube video. Everybody uses a different approach, different software, separate app to edit youtube video.

Here you will find a very minimal setup, to edit a youtube video.

The editing software showed up here is imovie download and install the software on your Mac or iOS device such as iPhone or iPad.

Now on your computer screen, firstly open the iMovie software.

Step 1:

Open the software, and say you have four clips to edit, so firstly as you open the software you will find a plus sign saying ‘create new’. You have to click on it.

Step 2:

A new screen opens, where you gotta click on ‘import media’ and all your media files will open up where you either gotta search up for your data or find it out and select all the files you want to edit or merge up together and as you click all those the import will be chosen. They will be shown on your screen.

Step 3:

To edit these, you will have to take them to your timeline. Now, this is a common thing you have got to do in every software. To edit the clips, you will have to take them to your timeline.

Step 4:

Now as in this example, there are a few clips you want to edit, so what you gotta do is drag the videos series wise one after the other, now if you’re going to cut or say split a particular clip then, you gotta press ‘Control+B’ and the clip will be cut at that point and, now you have two clips out of one.

Step 5:

Now if you have a repeat clip or an unwanted clip then you must delete it, so you have to select the clip by clicking on it and then clicking the cross button above the clip, or you’ve got to select it and press delete on your keyboard.

  • Now where you want to add a voice-over or music.
  • Youtube gives YouTuber free music which you can use for free without copyright issues.

So you have a download and select whichever you want to insert in your video, and then you can drag and drop it to the clipping and then to the timeline just below the cuttings.

Step 6:

When you drag it below your clippings, the audio will be added to those. The sound will be added only to the ones below which the audio will be placed.

Coming to the text and graphic part, which includes adding either Insta gram symbol to mention your insta I’d or to add the like, share and subscribe button or some other logo or maybe the universal introductory clip.

If you want to add that you’ve got to drag it to the timeline before all the clips. Or if you want to add any symbol or image, so you just have got to add it to the specific place where you want those particular pictures or logos to display.

Now if you want to overlay it with a specific clip, unlike audio, you must drag the symbol to the top of the clipping and pull it to the extent you want it.

Step 7:

Then you have to go to the top right of the software window where the symbol will appear, and you have a crop it keeping in mind its aspect with the clipping of your video.

Then you gotta click on the first drop-down and you will click on ‘picture in picture’, and the symbol will appear in the frame of the clipping. Now you may edit its length and width accordingly.

Step 8:

Lastly, to add text, Imovie has in-built fonts and texts so you must go to the top left and click on the text and it will give you different styles and font sizes which you can put up according to your choice.

You just have to type it and select the clip, and it will get overlayed to that particular clip. You can add multiple texts to where ever and in whichever clip you want.

So this is basically all on how you’ve got to edit your youtube video, in the three most essential aspects most easily and conveniently possible.

Also, the software is completely free, user friendly and can go very quickly with a fresher or a beginner.

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