How To Download Instagram Videos | Step By Step Guide

Looking on the web for how to download Instagram videos? then don’t worry in this article are going to share with you some of the different methods to download Instagram videos from your android or iOS devices such as Android Phone or iPhone or iPad.

Moreover, Instagram is a versatile place to communicate with others with photos and a few years back. Instagram added a new feature for its user called Highlights.  Now you can easily add your daily routing highlights on your Instagram account to share them among your Instagram followers.

In most of the cases, some of the Instagram highlights are the way too important that we want to save them into our device. To research them or share them among others, but until now Instagram did not update a feature that allows you to download others Instagram videos or highlights.

But don’t worry there are some geek hacks from which you can download Instagram videos in no time without having a hassle.

How To Download Instagram Videos Or Highlights

Basically, this is an ultimate guide for downloading Instagram videos on various devices operating systems (OS). For example, Android, iOS and Windows or Mac.

So, let’s start.

How To Download Instagram Videos

Here are the steps to download videos from Instagram into your device and as a bonus you can access without internet connectivity.

  1. Go to the Instagram Video that you want to download or save on your device.
  2. Tap on the (three dots) menu given at the upper right corner of the mobile device.
  3.  Now copy the link of the video.
  4. After this, open the tool to download the Instagram video. Paste the copied link.
  5. Download your video on your device.

These 5 steps will be allowed on all the methods that we are going to tell you in this article to download videos from Instagram on various platforms such as Android, iPhone or Computer.

 How To Download Instagram Videos On Android Device

On Android devices such as your cell phone, there is no option to save Instagram videos on the Instagram app. So for this, you’ve to download any dedicated app or 3rd party application to download video or highlights.

Go to the Google Play Store on your android device and search for the “Instagram video download” app and before installing the app make sure to check customer reviews on the top-rated applications on this category.  After downloading and installing then follow the above given 5 steps to download any video from Instagram.

How To Download Instagram Videos On Mac or PC

Technically, the internet is full of an online web application that allows you to download videos from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc.

There are some of the best online web tools to download Instagram videos –

1. Open Your Instagram Account On Web Browser On Desktop

Go to the web browser on your computer and open and login to your Instagram account using the login credentials.

2. Go To The Video That You Want To Download From Instagram 

Now navigate to the video that you want to save on your computer as offline. If the video was published on any Instagram Page then open it and locate the video or else if any person posted a video that you want o save. Then open that person’s Instagram profile using the search bar.

3. Now Copy the link of that Instagram Video

Copy the link of that video from the search bar on the web browser as shown in the given screenshot.

4.  Open The Downloader Tool 

Now open the downloader tool and paste the link in the search bar and download the video on your computer.

How To Download Instagram Videos On iPhone or iPad

Same as other methods, to download Instagram videos on iPhone you’ve to download an app from a third-party resource.  Now, there is some applications that we recommend you use for downloading Instagram videos.

Follow the steps after downloading and installing the IG Save app on your iPhone

1.  Open the IGSave App on your iPhone or iPad

After installing the process of Instagram video downloader app on your iPhone. Launched the application on your iPhone or iPad

2. Login into your Instagram Account

Now, its time to login into your Instagram Account though IG Save app on your iPhone

3. Locate The Instagram Video To Download

After the second step, find the video that you want to download. For example if you want to download the video from your friends Instagram account then open your friend’s Instagram profile and locate the video.

4.  Download the video into your iPhone gallery 

Once, you tap on the video or the post the IGSave app will bring several options. Such as download video, share video and much more. Choose to download video and the video will be saved on your iPhone gallery.

Disclaimerstation For Using Instagram Video Downloader

A 90 percent application allows you to download Instagram videos for free. But about the 10 percent apps will charge you a coin or credit for each video that you download. So basically, you need so many credits to download a lot of videos through the downloader tool.

So before downloading and installing any application on your device form app stores. Make sure you read its reviews and customer rating to see if you’ll be limited access to download video. Then, in this case, move to another app.

Wrapping Up!

Hope this ultimate guide will help you to know how you can download Instagram videos on several devices without having a hassle. In case if we missed some important points in this article that you notice then please let’s know through the comment box.