How to Insert Division Sign on Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office is one of the most helpful software developed by Microsoft developers for Windows. In simple words, MS Office is a collection of computer programs such as MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Publisher, MS InfoPath, MS Visio MS Front Page and some other computer programs.
Microsoft Word basically used for typing words such as reports, paragraphs, and some other documents. In technical language “MS Word is a graphical word processing program that allows users to type words“. Generally, Windows users work on MS Word to type and save documents in a handy way.
Sometimes it is hard to put some important sign on MS Word in the middle of any document just like Division Sign.

Putting Division Sign On MS Word 

You can easily insert Division Sign into your MS word document only you have to do is to read the below steps.
Step 1 :
Long Press on the “Alt Button
Step 2 :
On the Numeric keypad type “0247
Hope this will work for you for more information regarding inserting division signs on Microsoft Word visit Microsoft Community Page where you find more information about MS Word signs.