How To Disable Scroll Wheel In Windows 10

In Windows 10 there are lots of the new feature which makes more easier to use windows on your personal computer. However, if you don’t like to use some of the new features in Windows 10 you can easily disable them for not having a trouble.

Scroll Wheel one the new features in Windows 10, Which allow window users to scroll down the current page on your screen using a mouse wheel. The ability  to hover over an inactive windows and scroll up and down with mouse wheel.

How To Disable Inactive Scroll Wheel In Windows 10

To disable scroll wheel in windows, you’ve to do nothing special you can easily disable this feature through Windows Settings.

Follow up these below-given step-by-step guides with screenshots.

Step 1 :

Go to Start Menu,  Head to the Settings

Step 2 :

Click on the “Devices” section

Step 3 :

Move to the “Mouse & Touchpad tab”

Step 4 :

Tap on the “On” button under “Scroll Inactive windows when I hover over them”

You can also enable or disable Mouse Scroll Wheel in Windows 10 using Registry. In case if you are unable to find the above options you can use Registry to disable the scroll wheel windows 10.

Disabling Scroll Wheel In Windows 10 Via Registry

Step 1 :

Press (Windows Key + R) to open “Run

Step 2 :

In the search box, type “Regedit” and hit Enter button

Step 3 :

Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Desktop

Step 4 :

On the right side look for “MouseWheelRouting”.  Open it

Note : If you can’t find mouse wheel routing in registry then you’ve to create one

Step 5 :

Now change the default value “2” to “0” to turn off the scroll wheel.

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