How To Disable Mouse Acceleration in Macbook



Disable Mouse Acceleration is an easy task but you must know it’s is a feature that allows mouse pointer to move quickly with smoothness. However, some laptop users not find mouse acceleration a useful feature and want to disable it. Lots of people don’t know a lot about mouse acceleration they think its related to mice nocturnal. But not correct.

In Mac OS X machine if you don’t want to use mouse movement recorder you can easily turn off mouse acceleration.

Mac OS X stores the mouse and trackpad settings independently. If you want to disable acceleration on mouse along with trackpad you can also do it or instead of a mouse you can only disable trackpad.

In this article, we guide how to turn off mouse and trackpad acceleration using an apple script that makes a lot easier to disable acceleration.

How To Turn off Mouse Acceleration In Mac OS X

You’ve to use Terminal to disable the acceleration mouse on your Mac machine. First of all, navigate to terminal go to System Preference > Applications > Uititles > Terminal.

Find Out Mouse Acceleration Speed In Mac

Step 1 : 

Open Terminal on your mac.

Step 2 : 

Enter this following command line in the terminal to know the current value of mouse type.

defaults read .GlobalPreferences

Step 3 : 

At the terminal, you see the normal value of mouse acceleration is 0 – 3. This value is recorded by the moving the Tracking Speed slider in the mouse pane.

Disable Mouse Acceleration In Mac

Step 4 : 

To disable the mouse acceleration set the mouse type value by -1 using the command line in a terminal.

defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1

In my research, I’ve found that in the Terminal that seems to disable the acceleration and set up the mouse tracking speed to constant.

Undo Mouse Acceleration

If you would like to revert back the apple default settings of mouse tracking speed or mouse acceleration. Just open the Mouse pane of System Preference and change the Tracking Speed of Mouse.

How To Disable Trackpad In Mac 

As we all know mouse and trackpad work similar to each other. So if you instead of mouse acceleration you can also disable trackpad using a single command line via Terminal.

Command Line :

defaults write .GlobalPreferences