How To Delete Time Machine Local Backup on High Sierra

You’ve already realized that Time Machine taking lots of space into your  Mac system. Basically, when you enable Time Machine local backup it starts creating local snapshots into your hard drive. There is an easy solution for this, you’ve to delete Time Machine local snapshots and we will also guide you to disable Time Machine local backup.

Delete Time Machine Local Backup in Mac Running on High Sierra

Time Machine has a nasty habit of keeping old files when it creates new ones. Typically it creates a new snapshot of the local volume of your Mac system. Which used lots of your flash drive spaces, However, In 2015 Apple made a change in High Sierra that allows its users to format the internal and external hard drives to remove all local backups.

You can also delete particular local backups from your system using a Mac terminal via command lines.

Step 1:

Open Terminal on your Mac OS X

Step 2:

Copy and Paste the given command line on the terminal.

tmutil listlocalsnapshots /

The Terminal will show you a list of saved snapshots with names like  

Step 3:

Now to delete the snapshots from your Mac. Copy and paste this command line sudo tmutil deletelocalsnapshots  After this type of space and then paste the date portion of the snapshot and press the Return button to remove a specific snapshot from Time Machine local backup.

How Do I Know The Snapshot is Deleted

If you’ve followed the above steps properly the snapshot will be deleted. Delete local snapshot '2018-10-05-002008' in the Terminal will show as a response. That clears the snapshot that you’re trying to remove is deleted successfully from your Mac system.