How To Delete Saved Locations on Google Maps

Google Map one of the most important and useful platforms to navigate the locations and directions and places from devices such as cell phones and computers. Sometimes you’ve forgotten the final destination where you want to reach but with the help of Google Maps, your current location tells you where you are.

There are lots’ features in Google Map that helpful for everyone while travelling from one location to another. You can also create your own map on google map or save your favourite locations that you like the most or you’re planning to go visit there in future.

Deleting Saved Locations From Google Map

But when visited those locations that you’ve saved in google map then you’ve deleted them. Because you’ve already visited there. In this article, we demonstrate you how you can easily remove saved places from Google Map without taking anybody’s help.

Step 1 : 

Go to

Step 2 : 

Click on Menu ( three-bar on the left side ).

Step 3 : 

Select ‘My Maps’ and select the map to delete. Click on ‘Open in My Maps’. It will open in new windows in browser.

Step 4 :

Click on the 3 dots left side of map name. Click on ‘delete this map’ to remove the saved location on google map.


Now you can save a new map location after deleting the unwanted location. Just go the My Maps and click on Create Map and select the location through a search engine and saved it.