How To Delete Question From Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is one of the most popular general discussion platforms where you can ask questions and get proper solutions from experts. However, sometimes there some questions that you’ve posted on  Yahoo Answers that make no sense or that questions are totally a waste of time.

In this case, you’ll be thinking and search “How to delete my question from yahoo answers” on search engines, then we here to help.

In this article, we tell you the proper way to remove the question from yahoo answers.

Deleting Question From Yahoo Answers

Firstly, there is some information you must know about Yahoo Answers. When you posted a question on Yahoo Answers and if you’ve resolved that question by selecting “select best answer” you cannot delete it.

However, if the question is not resolved you can easily delete it. Follow below-given step-by-step guides below to remove your question from Yahoo Answers.

Step 1 :

Login to your Yahoo account using your Yahoo Email ID and Password.

Step 2 :

After login, you’ll see the main home page of yahoo of yourself. Simply click on the “Questions” where you’ll see all questions you’ve asked. Now click on the question title you want to delete to open that question.

Step 3 :


Now when your question is opened. Go to the pencil icon and click on it to open the menu. When the menu will be shown. Simply select the “Delete Question” and confirm the delete by delete button.