How To Delete iMac Data Without Reinstall

If you selling your iMac computer to someone at a good price that’s good news but before selling your iMac device to another person you have to delete iMac Data such as folders files videos and a lot more things.

The best way to delete complete system data is to install the operating system but imagine you don’t have reinstalling CD from which you regularly install your iMac device. So how do you delete your personal data from your computer?

But there is a way, with using a simple technique you can delete all your personal data before selling your iMac computer to another person.

How does it work? 

To delete your complete data from your computer you have to follow the instructions below step by step guides.

Delete iMac Data Without Reinstalling 

Step 1:

Create a new user with admin privileges name such as (Mjadon)

Step 2:

Login as Mjadon into your iMac device and remove ( Delete the home option )

Step 3:

Now start the Disk Utility Screen and select the Erase function

Now you’re iMac was completely deleted from your personal data but for confirmation check your self and if you have any questions ask via the comment box.