How to Delete a Notebook in OneNote

Looking for How to Delete a Notebook in OneNote? If you want, then you can delete notebooks that you have made in your OneNote app. It is the most usable form of feature, which helps in deleting the unwanted notebooks and makes more space for the new one. You can easily remove the notebook from OneNote without hassle.

What is OneNote Notebooks

It is the best program which offers info about the drawings, notes along with many other audio forms to the users. It is the complete version of Microsoft, which also provides the editing of notes in the browser. Its first OneNote version was introduced in the year 2002 on the date of the 17th of November. This version is also available for phones. It also gives the best storage purpose for the users.

In this article, we take you through a step by step guide based on how you can delete notebook from Onenote using these simple steps.

How to Delete a Notebook in OneNote

Here is the explained form of steps for the deleting of a Notebook in OneNote.

Step 1

Firstly, open the Google Chrome on your device to open the page of OneNote notebooks there. It takes you to the page of the main app of OneNote.

Step 2

Now sign in to your account there. It opens the page where you have to enter the username along with your password that linked to your account of Microsoft.

Step 3

If the situation is that none of your accounts is in Microsoft, then you can enter you an email which linked with the apps of Microsoft and have to make a password there.

Step 4

After that, click on the manage and delete option. It gives at the rightward side of the page of the notebook. There it enables you to delete your account.

Step 5

Now click on the documents option shown there on the screen. It is the files stored with your notebooks of OneNote. It contains all the documents of your OneNote.

Step 6

Now go to the checked option of the documents which you want to delete from your OneNote. It is showing on the upward side of the given page of the notebook. You can quickly get it on your screen by searching it there.

Step 7

Now click on the delete button. It gives in the files of your notebook there. It deletes all the notebook documents which you want to get deleted from your account of OneNote.

Step 8

After this, you find that your notebook is now deleted, and now you can get access to further documents.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, you find this article useful because it is based on how to delete a notebook in OneNote. With proper step by step guides along with screenshots. Moreover, if you want to know or face any issue regarding these steps. Feel free to contact us using the comment box.