3 Steps To Connect Xender App To Windows Phone

Xender well-known file transfer app currently this app available for Android and Windows platforms. Xender on 12 August 2015 launched its service for Windows Phone. Now windows phone users can easily share their photos, videos, movies and some other files with the help of the Xender App on their Windows Phone to another Windows Phone.

Previously we discuss how you can connect xender app to your computer to transfer files from phone to computer or computer to the android phone using xender app.

In this, we talk about how you can connect Xender App on Windows Phone to another Windows Phone to share files in few minutes.

How To Connect Sharing App Xender To Windows Phone To Transfer Files

Follow the step-by-step guides to easily connect xender app to one windows phone to another windows phone.

Step 1 : 

Open Xender App on your Windows Phone

Step 2 : 

Now Click on Plus Button given at right corner

Step 3 : 

Xender App gives you options, Create Group or Join Group

Note : If your friend create group on Xender than you have to join group and if you create group than your friend have to join group.

Step 4 : 

Now you successfully connected with other Windows Phones via joining a group or creating a group.

Step 5 : 

After connecting to another Windows Phone click on the file you want to transfer and select share button.

It was important to notice that you have to create group or join a group to enable you to share files from one Windows Phone to another Windows Phone. In this process, xender will automatically turn on your phone Hotspot so don’t take any tension about this.


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