Which Company Owns the Converse Brand – [Explained]

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What is Converse Brand?

The converse is the name of a shoe company of American country, which gives the services of designing and licensing of sneakers, shoes of skating, brand footwear, and accessories. It was founded in the year 1908 in the US. Marquis Mills Converse was the founder of the Converse brand.

The main industry of which it belongs to is of the services of sporting goods and various accessories. About more than hundreds of locations include the retail stores of this converse brand. The services which they have served are worldwide with great connections.

Company Holding the Converse Brand

As being in the latest trend and in great position around the world, the converse brand comes under the company of Nike. It is better known for the swoosh as well as for shoes. The corporate team includes Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. They have given the great form for the making and better services providing for it. This company is lining with the better legendary sportswear by reaching to the level of about $305 million. Nike purchased converse which is a hundred years old company of footwear.

This deal hs brought together for the covering of each other forms and gathering one of the oldest names in the footwear athletic. This brand is undoubted, the world’s best-known brand of sports shoes. This also gave a great chapter to recover the financial issues of the Converse. That later gave the denomination of the athletic footwear business for the time of about 10 years. Converse has been through bankruptcy situations in the year 1990. They have also suffered from trouble with any of the sports endorsers at that time.

In the present time, Converse is in best for the service of retro- style shoes. This has gained a much higher profit among youngsters worldwide. One of the strongest footwear around the world is the brand of Converse. It has a great form of success along with a perfect history of their long time.

Converse- A branded company

Both the converse as well as Nike gives the representation of a different forms of shoes. They give the show of prices and heritage related to it. All through the sales covered by Nike for about $10.7 billion, they have carved out the profit of line by the biggest stars of sports. Around more than 12,000 sports.

The brand serves its sports shoes to them. This chain store is around the world and for the licensing of the agreements that are taken as the total time. For the countries of more than 100 around the world, they have served to the best of them.

Nike a Multinational Corporation

Nike, as being an American company that is totally engaged in the development as well in designing the footwear accessories and providing services for the same. They have made a great budget of about 1 billion in the year 2012. It is a public type and is in the industry as an Apparel form.

It was founded in the year 1964 on 25th January. The company in which it was before named as Blue Ribbon Sports. The headquarter of Nike was in Beaverton, Oregon. the first retail outlet was opened in the year 1966 and the launching of the shoes began in the year 1972. Later on, the company renamed them as Nike, Inc. After all, the distribution of their footwear is now in more than 170 countries.

Wrapping Up

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