How To Check OneDrive Storage Usage on Phone

If you own a smartphone then you surely have a Google OneDrive account now don’t ask me what is OneDrive ok I tell you what is OneDrive it’s an iCloud storage service built by Google developers to provide trusted and secure cloud storage service to customers.

You can easily create a new account on Google One Drive to use free storage space with your devices such as laptops, Smartphones or tablets. Commonly OneDrive is used by Android smartphone users to keep their personal data such as Photos, Videos, and documents.

If you using an Android OS or iPhone device you use OneDrive and if you already using it to store your personal data then in that case you are the cooler ones.

Now come to the point of the article, how you can easily find how many GB or MB storage space is left on your Google OneDrive account by using your smartphone.

How to Check OneDrive Storage Usage

Step 1 :

Go to the Google Settings on your phone.

Step 2:

Now in Settings open Account Preferences.

Step 3 :

Open “Your Google Drive Storage”.

Step 4 : 

Open Storage, to see your OneDrive account.

Now you can easily see how much Google OneDrive data storage is left in your account.