How to Check Battery Life on Macbook Pro

Battery Life is one of the most important parts of electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones. The life of expectancy of a macbook battery mostly depends on the battery cycle counts. Once the battery cycle count reached at the limit set by the manufacturer company.

Then in this case, When you see your mac battery reached its limits then replace it with a new mac battery. If you don’t replace the battery then the laptop may still perform the same but you notice battery life deplete rapidly.

Here, you know complete information about checking the battery life of the notebook of your mac to save your new macbook pro battery service cost

How To Know Battery Cycle Counts or Battery Capacity.

Calculating the life cycle of a battery based on only its allowable charge rate and discharge rate is unrealistic. Basically, the life cycle depends not only on its charging level but also on environmental factors such as Temperature, ageing etc. The typical method for an estimate the life cycle of battery life is statistical and based on historical data of battery usage. which include battery is overcharged or undercharged and how it loads on macbook and how its charge on regular basis. For example, if you mac machine, is charged 100% and you’ve used 40% of the battery charged it back to 100% and then again use it 60% which simply means its battery life is equal to battery cycle 40%+6
0% = 100%

In other words, If you used 80% of battery life and 20% is left then you again charge it back which could be five times 100%.

How To Find Out Macbook Battery Life Cycle Count

To determine the battery cycle count of Mac OS X machine. Go to About The Mac > System Report > Power Tab. Under the health information (right panel), you find out the battery cycle count.

How To Determine Macbook Battery Capacity Over Time

You can also find out the macbook battery life capacity over a year or how much battery you used until now. There is a web tool called CoconutBattery. You can easily determine health your macbook battery health over time. CocountBattery shows battery capacity based on age of battery life and battery capacity based on loads cycles.

When You Should Purchase New Battery For Your Macbook

Mainly there are 7 things you should know about your macbook battery Cycle Count, Full Charge Capacity, Remaining Charge Capacity, Consumed and Depleted, Defected, Battery Runtime and Load.

The battery of all Macbook models includes Macbook Air and others models battery is integrated which means it’s not designed to replace the end user. But in Macbook Pro and Macbook batteries are not easily swappable batteries because of Pre-Unibody.

There are two ways from which you can replace your notebook battery first way is the official replacement option in the macbook customer center and the second way is self replacement option.

So if you lived too close to Apple Store you can get an appointment, if don’t then you may alternatively replace the battery by Mail which may take 3 to 4 business days.